Nazar Written Update 7th June 2019: Piya & Adi turn into statues

Nazar Written Update 7th June 2019: Piya & Adi turn into statues

Nazar 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 7 Jun episode starts with the trees trying to stop Karan. Piya removes the trees to keep up Ansh’s promise. Ansh comes there and tries to stop Piya.

Karan blows the golden sand on Piya and Adi. Soon, Karan’s wife and son get released from the curse while Piya and Adi turn into statues.

Ansh and Karan come face to face. Ansh warns Karan to save Piya and Adi. Karan refuses.

Nishant searches through the books to find a clue about Piya and Adi’s location. He says Ansh needs our help. Vedashri says we will stop Mohanna to help Ansh.

Meanwhile, Ansh and Karan get into a fierce fight.

Naman gets angry on Saavi for instigating Gurumaa against Sanam. Naman says Saavi likes him and that is why she is talking ill about Sanam.

Ansh asks Karan to bring back Piya and Adi out from the curse. Karan says he will never do this as this will make Mansi and Krish statues again.

Gurumaa comes to Sanam’s room and takes away her jewelry from her cupboard. Sanam snatches away her jewelry from Gurumaa. Gurumaa learns that Sanam is a chudail. Sanam warns her not to expose her.

Gurumaa tells Saavi that we will indulge Sanam in dancing and when she will get tired and sleep, we will trap her.

Naman gets suspicious when he hears Sanam’s laugh.

The written update of 7 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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