Nazar Written Update 8th May 2019: Mohanna backstabs Piya

Nazar Written Update 8th May 2019: Mohanna backstabs Piya

Nazar 8th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 8 May episode starts with Shalaka getting emotional on seeing Rahul’s dead body. She states that she will kill everybody to take revenge for her son’s death.

Shalaka tells that she will enter Rahul’s body to see his last moments. She enters Rahul’s body and sees Piya throwing the dagger on Rahul.

Some time back: Mohanna killed Rahul and framed Piya falsely.

Present: Mohanna celebrates her victory when Shalaka calls out for Piya. Shalaka inquires Rathods about Piya and Ansh.

Vedashri and other family members state that they are unaware of Piya and Ansh’s location. Shalaka says that she will avenge Piya.

Tara comes to Panna’s room to find her son. The stranger comes close to Tara. Sanam saves Tara. Tara sees the bead on the stranger’s leg.

The Rathods ask Shalaka to take Mohanna away along with her. Mohanna comes there and teams up with Shalaka.

Tara and Sanam learn that Hira parrot is Paana’s son. Panna overhears their conversation. Tara says she will tell everything to Mayank.

Shalaka refuses to take Mohanna’s help. She plucks Mohanna’s hair strand to find out Ansh’s location. Shalaka covers Rathods and Mohanna in her Kohra trap.

Panna tells Tara that Mayank will never trust her. Tara says she will show her son’s photo to Mayank. Panna says she hid the photo.

Tara shows the photo on her phone. Panna enacts to get injured in front of Mayank. Tara tells Mayank that he is not Panna’s son.

Mayank asks Tara not to probe into the past.

The written update of 8 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Shalaka finds Piya.

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