Nazar Written Update 9th May 2019: Mohanna attacks Rathods

Nazar Written Update 9th May 2019: Mohanna attacks Rathods

Nazar 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 9 May episode starts with Shalaka using Mohanna’s hair to find Ansh and Piya. Ansh and Piya try to run away from Shalaka while Shalaka’s power follows her.

Rathod family members get freed from Kohra Lok. They feel very weak. One of their fingers turns blue. They search for Mohanna everywhere.

Piya and Ansh come to a dhaba. Piya senses Shalaka’s presence there. They run away on their bike. Meanwhile, Mohanna returns from Kohra Lok.

Mohanna scares Vedashri by saying that now nobody can protect them from her. She comes in her Daayan avatar.

Mohanna drops Shekhar from the height. Shekhar gets injured badly. Vedashri states that Mohanna attacked Shekhar.

Vedashri says we should vacate this house at the very moment. Before they could move out, Daayan vriksh wraps the house. Mohanna comes there.

Ansh and Piya manage to cross the Kohra spell.

Mohanna states to the family members that she always wanted to kill them and now in Piya and Ansh’s absence, she will fulfill her motives.

Suddenly, Ansh and Piya realize that Adi has gone missing. Adi is with Shalaka and has turned into a stone. Adi vanishes from Shalaka’s trap.

Tara tells Mayank that Panna’s son is alive. Mayank asks for proof. Tara fails to give proof to Mayank as the person turns into Hira, the parrot.

The written update of 9 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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