Nimki Mukhiya Written Update 20th July 2019: Anaro slaps Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya Written Update 20th July 2019: Anaro slaps Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nimki Mukhiya 20 Jul episode starts with Nimki and Babbu discussing elections. Nimki goes to take water, and Babbu receives a phone call from BDO on Nimki’s phone. He gets angry to learn BDO is helping her.

Nimki comes and clears everything. BDO apologizes and hangs up. Nimki also proposes Sweety should take divorce from Rituraj.

Meanwhile, Anaro and Tetar also discuss Sweety and Rituraj’s relation. Later, he gets a call from Rituraj asking to call him back.

Tetar ensures him as soon as Babbu takes his name back from elections, he will call him back.

In the morning, Anaro gets mad at Babbu for spoiling the family name. She also refuses to talk to Nimki, which upset her.

Tetar gets a call and tells someone on the phone that Babbu will take his name back. He tells Babbu to come along but he is waiting for someone.

A guy comes with posters of Nimki and Babbu which shocks everyone. Nimki says villagers want Babbu to win the elections.

She further announces Babbu is not taking his name back.

Tetar Singh gets angry for his son not supporting him. Babbu says he is selfish and cares only about power.

He further says everyone has to accept Nimki. Anaro gets angry and slaps him.

The written update of 20 July 2019 Nimki Mukhiya episode story ends.

The written episode of Nimki Mukiya serial upcoming updates: No precap.

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