Nimki Mukhiya Written Update 29th June 2019: Babbu's guilt

Nimki Mukhiya Written Update 29th June 2019: Babbu's guilt

Nimki Mukhiya 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nimki Mukhiya 29 Jun episode starts with BDO imagining about what Nimki said. He is suspicious of Babbu Singh apologizing to Nimki. Mausiji explains him why what Nimki did was right.

Meanwhile, Nimki’s weird style of playing carom amuses Tunney. Nimki’s smirk makes Tunney realise she is up to something.

Nimki remembers her memories with Babbu and his family. She breaks the whole set of seeds with the help of queen alone and gets delighted.

Meanwhile Babbu Singh is having nightmares of what Nimki went through in his house. His guilt doesn’t let him sleep.

Nimki is enquiring everyone about the time as it’s her birthday and she is expecting some wishes. Nimk gets upset and demands for a soft mattress.

Mahua gets reminded by BDO about Nimki’s birthday and realises the reason for her being upset. They plan on irritating Nimki more and then wishing her birthday.

Tunney promises they will make Nimki’s birthday special while Nimki is still upset with everyone.

Babbu Singh tells Sweety that the MLA ticket will bring their family back in the game. Sweety, on the other hand, inquires about Babbu Singh’s condition. Babbu tells her about the dreams.

Sweety explains him why it is not enough to just apologize to Nimki. While, Anaro complains Sweety never spends time with her.

Babbu gets upset that Tetar Singh left with Rituraj without him.

The written update of 29 June 2019 Nimki Mukhiya episode story ends.

The written episode of Nimki Mukiya serial upcoming updates: Tetar Singh tells Babbu he doesn’t need him now.

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