Nimki Vidhayak Written Update 21st December 2019: Nimki encourages Mahua

Nimki Vidhayak Written Update 21st December 2019: Nimki encourages Mahua

Nimki Vidhayak 21st December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nimki Vidhayak 21 Dec episode starts with Mahua telling Nimki that she is being selected for a beauty pageant. The family members get happy for her.

Further, Mahua wants to know why Nimki is upset while she is worried about Mintu. Meanwhile, Daadi is searching for Mintu and enquires from everyone.

She finds him and Mintu says he has only her in her memories. Mintu refuses to know anything about his mother. Later, Mahua tries various western dresses and walks like a model.

Nimki shows her how to confidently walk on the ramp. Later, Daadi watches Ganga Devi arriving in their area and gets worried.

Daadi hides from Ganga Devi while Ganga enters her house. She meets Anaro in the house and calls for Daadi. She doesn’t remember the name while Ganga Devi is suspicious.

Daadi is outside the house hiding from Ganga Devi. Ganga Devi has also brought soup for her and wants to complete their conversation.

Ganga Devi wants to know if she asked Nimki about her dead son. She also reveals that Nimki is Mukhiya while Anaro knows her husband is Mukhiya.

Mahua receives a bathing suit to wear from Tunay and slaps him. Meanwhile, Ganga Devi makes Anaro remember that Nimki became Mukhiya.

The written update of 21 December 2019 Nimki Vidhayak episode story ends.

The written episode of Nimki Vidhayak serial upcoming updates: Ganga Devi gets suspicious after getting a glimpse of Daadi.  

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