Nimki Vidhayak Written Update 28th December 2019:

Nimki Vidhayak Written Update 28th December 2019:

Nimki Vidhayak 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nimki Vidhayak 28 Dec episode starts with Ganga Devi accusing Nimki of changing in her game. They continue to play Ludo and ask Nimki whose side she is on.

Nimki says she will support whoever is good to the common people. She says she will support her while Ganga Devi warns her not to repeat the previous mistake.

Ganga Devi warns that she won’t be able to save her from other party members. Chachi brings snacks for the two while Ganga Devi wishes to start afresh.

Mahua plays amazing volleyball and beats the other team. The contestants are also told not to leave the premises and use the mobile phone.

Chachi wants Nimki to give food to Mintu while Tunay gets worried about Mahua. At the same time, Abhimanyu shows a newspaper headline with 10 finalists' names.

Mahua’s name is not there and they get suspicious why she has gone for training. Meanwhile, Mahua is suspicious and the people at the training center communicate about the girls.

They wish to send the girls on the other side of the border in a truck. Meanwhile, Nimki asks everyone to not take tension and wish to search for the organizer’s office.

Abhimanyu blames Nimki for putting Mahua in danger while she promises she will not let anything happen to her.

The written update of 28 December 2019 Nimki Vidhayak episode story ends.

The written episode of Nimki Vidhayak serial upcoming updates: Anaro gets angry at Nimki for entering the kitchen.

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