Nimki Vidhayak Written Update 5th October 2019: Nimki is worried

Nimki Vidhayak Written Update 5th October 2019: Nimki is worried

Nimki Vidhayak 5th October 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nimki Vidhayak 5 Oct episode starts with Chachi and Golu waking up Nimki. Later, Golu accidentally tells about Maua didi coming and Nimki says she doesn’t have an interest.

Nimki gets a call from the doctor saying Anaro is getting better because of Mintu Singh. The doctor further says Mintu Singh can cure Anaro.

Nimki gets worried about Mintu refusing to meet Anaro. Meanwhile, Ganga Devi decides to make food for everyone.

She further says she has lost so many people before reaching her present position. She also gets delighted with her plan being successful.

She asks to get independent Vidhayak’s list and wishes to talk to Nimki herself. She stops Parag from getting into Ranjan Shukla’s way.

Mintu gets angry at her Daadi for talking about dying and asks her to drink the juice. He also shows a food chart for Daadi and instructs her to take rest.

Chachi wants Nimki to share her pain while Nimki gets emotional. She tells everything to her and says Anaro is happy with Mintu’s presence.

Daadi wants Mintu to go for a movie with Tilu and Pichku. She asks Pichku’s mother to stay with her and take care of her.

The written update of 5 October 2019 Nimki Vidhayak episode story ends.

The written episode of Nimki Vidhayak serial upcoming updates: Nimki shows the picture of Babbu Singh to Mintu and asks for help.

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