Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 10th February 2023 episode starts with Shiva coming to tease Rishita while Rishita tells him that she feels pity for him.

Raavi glares at Rishita while she tells Shiva that he will be left begging on the streets if he keeps on chanting Dhara's name.

Shiva shouts at her while Dhara comes there and asks them why they are shouting.

Raavi assumes that Rishita taunted them because she asked her for clothes for Mithu and Shiva.

However, Rishita tells her that she did not mean it that way and leaves from there.

Dhara hides the envelope in her hand thinking that she cannot tell anyone about it now.

Elsewhere, the kids run off to Natasha they were teasing and find her in a temple as it is Natasha.

Shesh is about to fight with her while Chiku holds him back.

However, Natasha closes the door and tells the brothers that she won't open the door since she knows they are there to fight with her again.

Meanwhile, Swetha returns to the Pandya house and claps loudly as she thinks that she will create chaos for the family once again.

The Pandya family gets shocked to see her and relive their traumatic moments once again.

Rishita and Dev recall how Swetha took their Chutki and how they left the Pandya house afterward, not wanting to see Dhara's face ever again.

Krish recalls how Dhara blamed him and told him to get out and never show his face to her again.

Back at the temple, Natasha falls unconscious while the brothers come together to kick the door open.

They rush to help Natasha while Chiku wonders out loud why he thinks that Natasha is so familiar.

At the Pandya house, Swetha wards off the evil eyes of Krish and Prerna while congratulating the couple.

She goes to take the Pooja plate from the kitchen while Dev and Rishita rush out of the house to look for their daughter Chutki.

Inside the house, Krish throws away the plate telling Swetha to get out.

Rishita comes inside and starts slapping Swetha while asking her about Chutki's whereabouts.

The family members start slapping Swetha and demand to know Chutki's whereabouts while Dev calls the police and tells them to come to the Pandya house.

Prerna's parents feel disgusted with the drama and tell Prerna to come with them while she refuses to leave Krish alone in such a situation.

Meanwhile, Swetha starts laughing as she acts confident and eats from the plate while she tells the Pandya family that she will never tell them about Chutki's location if she gets arrested.

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