Pandya Store 10th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 10th February 2024 episode starts with Natasha telling Dhawal that she is not with him in this matter while Dhawal laughs saying that he is glad to hear that.

Dhawal looks one last at his sisters-in-law before he takes his suitcase and storms out of the house with the determination not to come back again.

Amrish runs out after Dhawal but fails to stop him as Dhawal leaves after getting into an auto and does not stop even after hearing Amrish call out his name from behind.

Seeing the ladies bursting into tears, Natasha tries to comfort them while Amba says that she is not going to melt on seeing Natasha's fake tears.

Amba says that her house has been broken down because of Natasha and her presence which has come into their lives as a curse.

Natasha admits that it is because of her that Dhawal has left the house and promises that she will bring Dhawal back by herself which Amrish hears while standing at the door.

Pranali, Hetal, and Dolly come to Natasha and hug her while assuring her that they are with her on this mission as they want Dhawal to come back home as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Dhawal comes to a hotel and proceeds to book a room in his name but freezes in his spot as the receptionist asks for his card for payment.

Dhawal remembers that he has already left all his cash and cards at home and tells the receptionist that he will make sure to pay the charges while checking out.

However, the receptionist says that Dhawal needs to pay first after which Dhawal leaves the hotel and screams outside in frustration, realizing that he cannot even book a room for himself on his own.

Dhawal admits that he is nothing without his brother's support and questions how he will help himself in this situation.

Elsewhere, Natasha stress eats while thinking of a way to bring Dhawal back and remembers how Dhawal was eager to help Pranali in opening her clinic if she is ready.

Natasha says that Pranali needs to open her clinic which will bring Dhawal back home after they tell him that Amrish is not letting them open the clinic.

Hetal and Pranali get nervous upon hearing the plan while Natasha says that they need to put Dhawal against Amrish in order to reunite them again.

On the other hand, Dhawal goes to a food stall but gets recognized as Amrish's brother which makes him leave and stand between two bifurcated roadways.

Natasha imagines Dhawal waiting for her in their room and instantly hugs him after which she snaps back to reality and looks around the messy room with tears in her eyes.

Amba tries to push Amrish to take charge of the situation but he asks her to leave and stay alone for some time.

Natasha tells herself that she cannot let the family fall apart in such a manner and needs to bring Dhawal back somehow.

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