Pandya Store 10th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 10th January 2024 episode starts with Bhavin drinking Natasha's cold drink, so Sandeep offers to get him another one.

Bhavin gets mad at Sandeep for offering another drink, causing Sandeep to leave.

Cheeku then tries to manipulate Bhavin against Amresh by buttering him up.

He tells him to make the entrance of the mall from the main gate instead of the place where the Pandya store is there while Sandeep overhears their conversation.

He makes Bhavin realize that no one has his importance at Makhwana's house which provokes Bhavin’s anger and he goes to fight with Amresh.

Meanwhile, Natasha changes her clothes and comes outside while Sandeep searches for her and lies to her that a few goons are beating his labourers who are working in the Pandya store.

Natasha tries to confirm it from her neighbours when Sandeep makes a fake call and leaves the function to see them after which Natasha also decides to go with him.

On the other hand, Dhawal dances along with Bhavin and other members but he notices Natasha going along with Sandeep so he leaves and goes behind her.

Bhavin falls on the floor but suddenly he starts dancing which provokes Amresh’s anger while Bhavin makes the ladies of his house dance.

Amresh makes weird faces while Cheeku enjoys seeing the drama and Suman secretly laughs at them.

Hetal is about to fall in Amresh’s arms but he saves her.

Meanwhile, Dhawal asks Natasha to use her mind and not go with Sandeep after which she brings Suhani in between and asks Dhawal to leave Suhani.

Pranali tells Amresh that Bhavin is her husband, making it hard for her to decline dancing with him.

Hetal adds that Bhavin dragged her along before they both left the scene.

In the meantime, Bhavin makes Suhani dance which provokes Amresh and he stands in front of Bhavin while he recalls Cheeku’s words and says that he wants to talk something urgent with Amresh.

Natasha asks Dhawal to either leave Suhani or stop bothering her, asking him to leave her way while Bhavin yells at Amresh so Natasha asks Dhawal to go and see.

Bhavin tells Amresh that from today he will not follow his instructions, mentioning that Amresh is no one to decide about their life.

Meanwhile, Suman asks Cheeku why is he making so much fun of them and asks him what he did so Cheeku says that he will tell her afterwards.

Amresh asks Bhavin to discuss this later on but a strong argument takes place between them and Bhavin insults him in front of everyone.

Pranali requests him to not do further drama, asking him to go from there while Amba asks Suhani not to worry and she goes to talk about all these things to Amresh.

Amresh tells her that Bhavin is drunk so Dhawal tells him that a few things that are suppressed inside a person comes out when a person is drunk.

Cheeku is happy to see that Dhawal is also arguing with Amresh while Dhawal gets worried for Natasha.

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