Pandya Store 10th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 10th March 2023 episode starts with the vibrant atmosphere of Holi celebrations occurring on the streets of Somnath.

Krish and Prerna playfully apply colour on each other enjoying the festival of colors.

Just then, they see Shweta coming with a plate of colours looking for Krish.

She brightly approaches him and tells him to apply colour to her, intending to get closer to him while at it.

This enrages Prerna, who has to move away from Krish due to Shweta's presence.

She takes a handful of mud from the ground and applies it on the face of Shweta from the back, making sure that her whole face is covered brown.

Shweta is dumbstruck for a moment and calls out to Krish to bring water for her, who in turn runs away with Prerna in the name of fetching water, while they both laugh at their trickery.

Meanwhile, in Pandya Niwas, everyone is preparing for the Holi celebrations, but at the same time is tensed to know the results of the report for Chutki's kidney transplant surgery.

Everyone applies colour to each other lightly, wishing Holi with the memories of the past flooding into their minds, when they would play Holi together with great pomp.

Rishita checks her phone once again to see if the reports have come and her anxiety increases on seeing that it hasn't. 

Dhara notices this and says a silent prayer to Lord Somnath.

On the other hand, Shiva runs excitedly towards Pandya Niwas to play Holi with his family, while Raavi runs behind him, telling him to stop.

He explains to her how he anticipates playing Holi with all his family members and requests she let him go.

However, Raavi holds his hand and requests him to play Holi with only her this time.

Shiva intently stares at Raavi, mildly sensing that there is something that is being kept hidden from him.

In Pandya Niwas, Natasha too comes into the courtyard and develops the urge to play Holi along.

She tries to snatch the water gun from Shesh who fights right back and a siege breaks out.

Rishita is worried about Natasha and that playing with the colours could possibly affect her and tries to persuade her in vain.

She then asks Suman what she should do in such a situation to which Suman replies that the kids are stubborn just like her and tells her to find the solution herself which embarrasses Rishita.

Dhara quickly goes and returns back with a basket filled with colourful flower petals. 

She brightly tells Natasha that she would play with flowers instead of colour, since she is the most special kid in the house.

This remark once again arouses jealousy in the junior Pandya brothers who just stare at Dhara in disbelief.

All of the adults keep checking for the reports to come, only to be disappointed with no messages.

Even as they celebrate Holi together, the only worry which troubles them is the reports of Natasha.

They check their phones at intervals, to see if the reports have come, only to find the screen blank.

While the kids, unaware of this whole problem, devise their plans to hide the water guns from Natasha.

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