Pandya Store 10th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 10th September 2023 episode starts with Natasha making Hetal sit next to Amresh at the dining table and everyone stares at her in anger.

On the other hand, she also asks Dolly to sit near Chirag and she serves the food while Hetal gets terrified of sitting next to Amresh.

She puts water in a glass and her hands shiver while drinking suddenly she starts coughing so she leaves the dining hall and directly goes to her room.

Natasha tries to follow her but Amba interrupts in between and asks her to sit there only as it was her wish only to eat together with family.

Amresh tries to control his anger and he praises Natasha for making a delicious breakfast, also he gives her the responsibility of making lunch for everyone.

Amba stares at him while he gets up and asks Natasha to make lunch on time as he had little breakfast so he would get hungry in the afternoon.

He says that he has bought a gift for Dolly and Natasha as today is their first kitchen when he brings his bag and gives a jewellery set to both of them.

Dolly becomes so happy that she asks Amresh to change his name to Santa Claus because he always brings gifts for her.

Meanwhile, Hetal prays to god for handling the situation and she murmurs what Amresh would be thinking about her when suddenly he comes there.

He scolds her for sitting next to him and also pulls her hand to punish her but she apologizes to Amresh, saying that she will not repeat it.

She also said that today is Natasha's first day here so she will explain everything about the house.

As she goes, Amresh holds her hand and asks her to be within limits when she gets confused and stands still over there.

Amresh says that today he will give a shock to Natasha and on the other hand, Natasha goes to see Dhawal and asks for her gift but Dhawal scolds her.

Natasha feels bad but Dhawal does not stop, he says that she did the wrong thing by going against Amba and because of her Amba was crying.

He mentions that Amresh is feeling bad when Natasha asks him to give a chance to her so that she can get familiar with them.

She adds that she has come here to build her relationship with everyone so it will take some time for her to adjust to the family.

After that she asks him to go college and makes notes for her too By blinking her eyes she mentions that she is busy with lunch preparation today.

Meanwhile, Suman recalls Dhara and murmurs that today is Chutki's first kitchen and on the other hand, Cheeku breaks all the shop with JCB.

He asks his boss to break the Pandya store but his boss stops him and says that once they get the order then he can break it.

After a few minutes, his boss receives a call from Amresh telling him to break Pandya's store while Natasha comes to Amresh and asks about his favourite dish as today she is going to prepare his favourite food items.

He gives her a long list of different varieties of food to prepare so Natasha gets tense and she goes from there while Amba and Chameli do something wicked with a gas cylinder.

Further, Cheeku's boss gives him an order to break Pandya Store so he gets happy and asks his boss to bring a Coconut before breaking it.

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