Pandya Store 11th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th August 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 11th August 2023 episode starts with Natasha standing near the book rack, touching her back to it, and Dhawal helps her from the other side of the book rack in removing the insect from her back.

However, Natasha smiles while watching Dhawal jump and get scared of the insect and she laughs affectionately at him.

On the other hand, the police are searching everywhere for Natasha Pandya in Makwana’s house while Amba tells Suman that this is wrong and Suman is bothering them a lot.

Suman replies to Amba that she stole Natasha’s bracelet that day and now she even stole Natasha from her.

At the library, Dhawal is sleeping while Natasha starts feeling uneasy, she asks for water when Dhawal first neglects her as he thinks she’s joking.

Then suddenly, Natasha starts screaming in pain and Dhawal finally realises the seriousness of the situation and starts panicking in search of water.

Meanwhile, Dhawal lifts Natasha in his arms and rushes towards the door but the door is still locked so he starts banging the door with the table while Natasha cries in pain.

However, Dhawal finds a rod in the library and he tries to break the lock with it when Natasha falls on the floor in agony.

He rushes out of the door with Natasha in his arms and he keeps telling her not to close her eyes.

Just then, he sees a water cooler and he decides to take the water in his hand and make Natasha drink the water anyhow.

Natasha drinks some water while Dhawal tells her that he will take her to the hospital when Natasha tells him to take her home and she faints.

At Makwana’s, the inspector is taking Amresh to the police station and just then, Dhawal enters with Natasha in his arms which leaves everyone with their eyes wide open.

Suman, Shesh and Mithu rush towards Dhawal and start questioning him about Natasha’s unconsciousness while Dhawal makes Natasha lie down on the couch.

Meanwhile, Suman starts yelling at Dhawal and blames him for Natasha’s condition while Dhawal remains standing numb in front of them.

Moreover, Suman also blames Dhawal for kidnapping Natasha while Shesh adds that someone must have informed him about the police and that’s why he returned home.

Further, Suman intimidates Amresh and his family that they might be very successful entrepreneurs. However, if any harm befalls Natasha, Suman will end their lives.

Later, the inspector is taking Dhawal to the police station with them while Dhawal asks Amresh to stop them as he has not done anything and just then, Natasha gains consciousness and tells Suman that she wants to go to Dhawal.

Dhawal's eyes smile when he sees Natasha waking up while Natasha tells the inspector that Dhawal has not done anything and he’s innocent which makes Amresh happy.

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