Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 11th February 2023 episode starts with Shweta ordering the Pandya family not to call the police, otherwise she will not tell the location of Chutki.

While Shweta is chewing food without being least bothered by everyone, Rishita shakes her to know about Chutki.

Rishita even slaps Shweta whereas Dev announces that this time the Pandya family will not fall into her trap so the police will come.

When Dev locks the main entrance, Rishita joins her hands in front of Shweta and begs her to reveal the location of Chutki.

Shweta tells everyone that she has many excuses to tell the police therefore neither the police nor the slaps scare her.

Meanwhile, in the temple, Mithu suggests they call their mothers as Natasha is not opening her eyes but Shesh refuses.

At the same time, Natasha suddenly opens her eyes, causing Chiku to blurt out that he knows Natasha is a daily soap actress.

Without responding to Chiku’s words, Natasha thanks Shesh, Mithu, and Chiku for saving her and promises to give them chocolates.

On the other hand, noticing the red hand prints on the pillar, Shiva gets teary and promises to himself that he will never leave his birthplace.

At the same time, Shiva gets a call from Raavi, reminding him that he must find Mithu very soon.

Raavi orders him to keep searching for Mithu because she is worried if Shiva sees Shweta, his condition will worsen.

In the meantime, Chiku urges Natasha to come with him as Suman is a big fan of her acting to which Natasha replies that she does not always go to any random fan’s house.

Back in Pandya’s house, Rishita cryingly states that she will become a lifelong house help for Shweta if she reveals the location of Chutki.

Rishita even urges Shweta to take Chiku with her in exchange for Chutki.

Falling near Dhara’s feet, Rishita begs her to give Chiku to Shweta for Chutki since Chiku is not even Dhara’s.

Meanwhile, a drunk Gautam sits on the stairs after announcing that he will never let anyone take his Chiku away.

Prerna’s parents look at the drama with disgust and announce that their Canada is more peaceful than this.

Prerna’s mother orders her husband to make Prerna understand this, to which she replies that she will not.

In the meantime, Shweta asks Rishita if this is a fair trade because she and Chiku are the ones that made Dhara a mom since she could never become one naturally.

Krish picks up Rishita to calm her down while yelling that the police will bring the truth out soon.

When Prerna says that Shweta is a disgrace to humanity, Shweta names Prerna "choti (junior) Dhara".

Just then, Krish orders Prerna to leave with her parents and Prerna agrees reluctantly.

On the other hand, Shesh narrates a fake ghost story to Natasha to make her agree to Chiku’s demand and she nods.

Shesh, Mithu, and Chiku wrap Natasha in Matarani Chunari to present her as a gift to Suman.

Back in Pandya house, Suman orders the guests to leave stating that the party is over and Rishita runs to bring out jewelry.

Rishita requests Shweta to take all the jewels in exchange for Chukti but Shweta does not utter any words.

Turning to Dhara, Rishita reminds her that if Dhara wants to keep the family together, she should bring Chutki back.

Afterward, Dhara twists Shweta's hand while Suman starts pulling Shweta with her stick and Dhara announces that they will make Shweta do a circle of Somnath if she does not reveal Chutki's location.

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