Pandya Store 11th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 11th November 2023 episode starts with Dhawal scolding Natasha while her right leg gets twisted under Almirah but Dhawal saves her.

Meanwhile, Amresh asks Hetal to call her brother and ask him to return the money that he took years ago with an apology from him.

Hetal calls her brother leading him to receive the call when he says that their mother is in critical condition but his father snatches the phone from his hand.

Hetal's father interrogates Hetal about the reason behind the call when she replies that she wants her brother to ask for an apology from Amresh as he is ready to help them in that condition.

However, Hetal’s father says that he will never do the things that she wants as his self-respect is far more important to him than Amresh’s apology.

He cuts the call while Amresh scolds Hetal for still crying for such people who do not care for her.

Hetal finds herself helpless and stands numb in front of him.

Meanwhile, Pranali recalls Amresh’s words that Natasha can do the job but at the same time, Bhavin threatens her that he will never allow her to do the job.

She makes a plan and cuts the main wire of the fan so that Bhavin cannot sleep peacefully.

Further, he goes to sleep and switches on the fan but it doesn't work when he gives Pranali a hand fan, asking her to serve him. 

She denies it when he says that he will switch on the A.C. While Pranali murmurs that she made a mistake by cutting the wires of the fan.

After that, she tells Bhavin that she will make some arrangements for the fan as she has a problem sleeping under the fan.

On the other hand, Cheeku asks the stranger lady if she does not kidnap Golu then, why was she shivering when Natasha was asking about it?

She changes the topic by saying that she wants to do the job as she wants to work as soon as she gets fine.

Cheeku asks her to relax and that she can live there until she gets fine he leaves while she searches for her photographs but cannot find them anywhere.

On the other hand, Natasha prays to god to help her today in clearing her interview with Amresh’s company and searches for Jignesh but collides with Dhawal.

Natasha murmurs that Dhawal is not wishing her all the best while Dhawal thinks that their relationship is so complicated that if he wishes her luck, she will think that he is taunting him.

After some time, Jignesh calls Natasha,  asking her to come and take the photo from him which puts Natasha in a dilemma that where should she go first.

Meanwhile,  Dhawal tells his friend Kataria that he is worried if Natasha gets a job, he will also have to search for the job while Amresh asks Chirag about who is the next applicant.

He tells him that Natasha is the next applicant when just then, the Police come into Amresh’s office, asking the staff to catch the culprit as soon as possible.

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