Pandya Store 11th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 11th September 2023 episode starts with Amba doing drama in the kitchen of doing all the work alone and she searches for Natasha while calling her Choti Bhen.

Natasha comes into the kitchen and says sorry to her as she couldn't come early due to which Amba has to do the kitchen chores on her own.

Amba says it's okay then Natasha starts cutting vegetables and needs the dough but Amba does not let her do the work properly.

In the meantime, Dolly and Hetal also come there to help but Amba stops them from helping and says that Amresh wants Natasha to cook the food because she has good taste in her hand.

Dolly ignores what Amba says and goes to Natasha directly while she hugs her and says that she has called the chef to help them do the work.

Amba stares at her and makes a weird face while Hetal interrupts her saying that there is no need for a chef as they can manage on their own.

On the other hand, Mithu gives a glass of water to Suman to drink but her hands shiver and she says that she is terrified that soon their shop will also be demolished.

Mithu tries to give her positivity while she asks him to call Natasha and ask her to come here. He calls but Amba picks up the call and doesn't say anything and she cuts the call while Mithu gets tense.

Suman asks him what happened then he says that no voice came from there while Cheeku gets ready to demolish his own Pandya store.

Suman asks Mithu to come outside with her to check whether they are still breaking the shops or not and she notices Cheeku going towards Pandya's store.

She yells at him but he doesn't hear so she throws her stick on her back then he stops and turns back while holding the stick.

He recalls his childhood when he and his siblings used to play with the same stick and he became happy while remembering it.

Suddenly he comes in the present and makes a serious face showing rage against her on his face while Suman gets terrified.

On the other hand, Amba asks Natasha to make one more dish for Amresh so Natasha smiles sarcastically and starts the preparation of food.

After some time when she goes near the fridge to get some water, she sees that her phone is vibrating and she wonders who kept it on silent mode.

She picks up the call and hears Mithu's voice so she asks how is he doing but Mithu's sound doesn't seem to be happy and he tells her that they are breaking Pandya store so he asks her to come there.

She gets worried and leaves in a hurry while Amba says that now who will do Natasha's work then Hetal comes to her and says that she will make all the food on her own.

Amba says that she will help her while Hetal goes to cook but the cylinder does not work then Amba murmurs that drama will begin and she asks Hetal what happened she tells her that the stove is not working.

Amba says it's happening because mother Annapurna is unhappy with them and she asks her to cook while she goes to search for a new cylinder.

In the meantime, Chabeli comes and Amba asks her to massage her legs while Chabeli taunts her that instead of a leg massage, she requires a head massage.

Meanwhile, Natasha goes there and fights with Cheeku so Mithu also joins her while Cheeku gets irritated.

Natasha stops JCB and throws mud on him whereas Dhawal also joins them and Suman taunts Cheeku that now her son-in-law will look after him.

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