Pandya Store 12th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 12th July 2023 episode starts with Dev asking Suman to stay with him.

Shiva suddenly claims that it is already decided Suman will stay with him and then he starts arguing with Dev about this.

Looking at Dev-Shiva’s argument, Suman sternly questions Krish if he will not argue with his brothers about taking her.

Krish stutteringly replies that he wants to take Suman with him but he knows Suman will never agree.

Meanwhile, Suman angrily orders her sons to stop the drama after the separation.

She announces that Dev, Krish, and Shiva are ready to leave their Yashoda Ma, Dhara which means she, Devki will soon become a burden for them.

She further states who knows they will one day decide to cut her into pieces in order to divide her between these three.

As everyone gasps in shock after hearing this, Suman clarifies that she has decided to spend the rest of her life in an old age home.

Dhara questions Suman if she is planning to leave her after her mother’s death since she does not have any mother figure in her life now except Suman.

However, Suman doesn't answer.

When Suman turns to leave, Dhara grabs her wheelchair stating that she herself will take Suman to the old age home, and if Suman really dares to leave then she will have to go over her dead body.

Hearing this, Suman stops her wheelchair and holds Dhara and Gomby’s hands, tugging them in front of her.

Dhara and Gomby kneel in front of Suman while Suman happily asks them if she will ever become a burden to them.

As these two reply negatively, Suman excitedly announces that she will stay with them only.

The rest of the family lets out a sigh of relief after hearing this and Suman urges Gomby to tell them her new house address in case they decide to meet her.

When Gautam narrates the address, Krish objects to his choice saying that the house is very small for three of them.

Suman smirks saying that her three sons have money whereas Gomby has his mother by his side which makes everyone close their mouth.

At the same time, Nagesh arrives with his family, and as his kids excitedly discuss which room they will take, the whole Pandya family feels sad.

When the final time arrives to say goodbye, they all turn to look around the Pandya house one last time with nostalgia and they walk out of the Pandya house.

Later, Raavi orders Mithu to accept that from now on, this tiny home is their place when Mithu says that he wants to live in Pandya's house.

Whereas Rishita and Dev also discuss getting new jobs while Natasha blames herself for the separation.

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