Pandya Store 12th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 12th June 2023 episode starts with Shweta requesting Dhara to give her Chiku in exchange for Krish’s freedom.

At the mention of Chiku’s name, Dhara angrily yells that she will not drag her son in this matter again while Shweta replies that she does not want to keep Chiku to herself.

Shweta clarifies that she just wants Chiku’s love and wants Chiku to forgive her for what she has done.

Dhara gets stunned to hear this and she makes Shweta understand that love cannot be bought so easily but Shweta replies that she just does not want to die alone.

Saying this, Shweta walks away from there while Dhara thinks to herself that she does not understand what is going on in Shweta’s mind.

Dhara then goes to look for Chiku as she is unsure if Shweta has taken him to sleep with her.

Meanwhile, Shweta is pacing in her room when Krish and Prerna arrive in the room to thank Shweta for giving Krish a divorce.

Looking at Krish and Prerna’s faces, Shweta asks them if they can be her friends but Prerna replies politely that she only accepts friendships of her close friends.

Prerna also clarifies that she will try not to hate Shweta for what she has done.

Before she and Krish can leave the room, Shweta reveals to them that she did not do anything to Krish that night.

On the other hand, Dhara finds Chiku sleeping on a couch which fills her with relief but as she starts ruffling Chiku’s hair, he wakes up.

He sternly orders Dhara to leave him alone as he does not want to talk to her and even turns to face another direction to avoid Dhara’s face.

The next day, the whole Pandya house is decorated for the Haldi function and Rishita tells everyone that she is so happy to get married to Dev once again.

Rishita announces that last time she herself created trouble in her marriage while Raavi asks Dhara why she is not thinking about her right now.

Dhara urges Raavi to wait a little longer because once Shiva agrees to the marriage, Raavi will be able to get married like these two couples.

Hearing this, Raavi clams down a bit and Dhara continues applying haldi on the couples's body with a bright smile.

At the same time, Shweta also joins everyone in the function which does not sit right with Dhara as she does not know why Shweta is being nice suddenly.

Dhara keeps applying haldi on Krish's face as she keeps looking at Shweta which makes Suman comment that Krish is not a paneer so Dhara does not need to marinate him.

When Shweta brings Shiva in the hall, Raavi starts crying dramatically mumbling that her life is crumbling into pieces now.

She snarkily remarks that one marriage was not enough for Dev so he has again seat for the haldi rituals like a marinated chicken whereas Dhara mumbles that Raavi is always overacting.

However, Dev makes it clear to Raavi that he has already given her divorce so now he can marry Rishita again and Shiva states that he should be the one getting married now.

As he sits down for the haldi ritual, Raavi starts rubbing haldi on his face while applying haldi on her face too.

At the same time, the Pandya kids appear in the living room and start playing with haldi which ruins Chiku's school shirt so Dhara scolds him.

Chiku refuses to change his shirt despite Dhara's urging and Dhara gets humiliated in the school for his marks when they reach there.

Whereas Shiva takes Shweta with him to Arushi's house so he can give Arushi the Haldi which has been mixed with red chili powder by Suman.

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