Pandya Store 12th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th November 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 12th November 2022 episode starts with the doctor telling Dhara that there is a big fibroid in Raavi’s uterus so they need to do surgery quickly otherwise Raavi’s life will be in danger.

Hearing this, Dhara reminds the doctor about Raavi being pregnant but the doctor informs her that Raavi is not pregnant.

Confused Dhara then further tells the doctor they met a junior doctor on their way who told them about Raavi’s pregnancy.

Even happy Raavi announces that the doctor has saved her marriage today so she loves the doctor.

Ignoring Raavi’s comments, the doctor orders Dhara to sign the form and takes Raavi to the operating room.

On the other hand, Shweta meets the junior doctor in the hospital hallway and orders the junior doctor to exchange Raavi’s original report with the fake one.

Meanwhile, Dhara gets so nervous that neither she can sign a form nor can recall anyone’s number.

Even the pen falls from Dhara’s hands due to her shaky hands and she asks the receptionist if she can take five more minutes to fill out the form and the receptionist nods.

After the junior doctor walks away, Shweta’s eyes fall on nervous Dhara and with a smirk, she announces that Dhara is singing her own death certificate.

In the meantime, Suman arrives at the hospital with a pregnant lady and informs the receptionist about the lady being in labor pain so she needs an emergency operation.

Though the receptionist admits the lady, she informs Suman that she needs to pay for the hospital bills.

Suman refuses by claiming that she met the lady in a park while she was on a picnic so she came here with the lady for humanity.

When the receptionist keeps persisting, Suman gives the receptionist five hundred fifty rupees and adds that she is not an ATM machine.

The receptionist however informs Suman that she cannot go till the operation is not done and Suman gives them the lady’s husband’s number.

After the person denies that his wife is not pregnant, Suman calls Gautam and orders him to find the lady’s husband.

Gautam tells Suman that it is hard to find someone’s husband this quick and Suman sarcastically orders him to be ready to give shelter to another homeless lady and her baby.

After Suman cuts the call, Gautam orders Dev and Shiva to help him to find the lady’s husband as it is important.

Meanwhile, in Pandya’s house, Rishita hears Chiku crying and gets confused as Dhara never goes out leaving Chiku alone.

On the other hand, Dev gets slapped when he asks a random woman if she is pregnant.

With a hand on his face, Dev again asks the lady if someone is pregnant in her house and the lady slaps him again.

In the meantime, Dhara thinks she will memorize everyone’s number from now on.

Later, Krish asks a shop owner about pregnant ladies while the shop owner looks skeptical.

Looking at Krish, Dev and Guatam challenge Shiva that Krish will come out after getting beaten and indeed Krish gets beaten by the shop owners.

Meanwhile, Rishita finds the pregnancy kit in Shweta’s room and gets shocked.

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