Pandya Store 12th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 12th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha going inside the dark room to find a clue to search for that kidnapper but she is not able to find anything over there.

On the other hand, Amresh tells the police that he has made lots of efforts to find the photograph therefore, the police say that they will try their best to find the kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Dhawal reaches Amresh’s office and asks Chirag about Natasha’s interview when Chirag tells him that she is late for the interview.

In the meantime, Amresh also reaches there and asks what Dhawal is doing there when Chirag tells him that he has come here to request Natasha’s job.

After that, Dhawal says that he has come here to find an internship for himself but Amresh says that he should focus on his career right now and after that, he can work.

Dhawal tells him that he wants to take his family’s responsibility when Amresh considers him, asking him to bring his resume for the interview process.

Meanwhile, Hetal tells Amba that she is going to the market to bring gifts for Natasha and Dolly as it is their first Diwali in this house so Amba allows her to go.

Further, Dhawal comes back home along with Amresh and Chirag, Dhawal feels hungry so he asks Amba to serve him food.

Amba asks Hetal to serve his son's dinner when Hetal goes to bring the food and suddenly Natasha also reaches home.

Amresh gets angry with her as she didn’t come on time for the interview and due to this, her interview got cancelled.

Natasha enters the house and Amresh indirectly taunts her by saying that Natasha is immature and that’s why she never came on time and today also she missed her interview just because of her laziness.

Amresh says that the job is in their home that’s why she would have thought to not come on time for an interview.

Natasha gets angry with him and gives a befitting reply to him that she missed her interview as she was searching for the culprit who kidnapped Golu.

Dhawal asks her to leave that topic behind now but Natasha ignores him whereas Suman tells Cheeku that she wants to send Diwali shagun at Natasha’s sasural for each person living there.

Cheeku says that there are a lot many people therefore, it will become complex to bring gifts for everyone then Suman says that she does not want Amba to taunt her Natasha again.

The lady residing at their house tells Suman to buy a Banarasi saree with a thick border for Amba as she will be impressed by it.

After that, Suman asks her that how she knows about all these things and Amba’s choice then that lady tells her that she has done a fashion designing course so she knows about the taste of elite people.

Lady goes from there in a hurry because her truth is on the verge of coming out while Suman tells Cheeku that something is wrong with this girl as she always behaves weirdly.

Meanwhile, Natasha shows their family photo from the bag of that lady to everyone in the family by which everyone is surprised.

Amba and Amresh react differently which sows the seed of doubt in her mind.

She says that she has come back in a terrified way and Natasha murmurs that there is something that Amba and Amresh are hiding from her.

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