Pandya Store 12th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th October 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 12th October 2023 episode starts with Chiku forcing Natasha to come out of the ICU but at the same time. Suman responds and holds Natasha's hand.

Everyone gets happy while Cheeku asks the doctor to check her as she is gaining consciousness.

Meanwhile, Cheeku brings Natasha outside and tells her not to do this thing otherwise Suman will not get well as her condition is critical.

Natasha yells at him and asks him how he dares to stop her when he mentions Suman as his "koi nhi" and Natasha is surprised to hear that.

On the other hand, Hetal brings tea for Amresh while he asks her how she managed to go out of the house on the rakhi day to meet her brother.

She tells him that Natasha and she went out from the kitchen window when Amresh held her chin and scolded her for following Natasha's path.

After that, he asks her to call her brother and ask him to remove the rakhi from his hand and also ask him to send a photo of it.

Hetal cries and calls her brother when she gives him instructions to remove Rakhi and send a photo of it but her brother asks her why is she doing so.

Hetal asks him to follow her instructions and she also tells him that from today onwards she will never keep any relationship with him.

After that, Amresh snatches the phone from her hand and destroys it while Shesh and Mithu also reach the hospital as they hear Natasha saying Cheeku.

They ask where is Cheeku while Natasha recalls their childhood and the recent past when Cheeku helped her family.

She gets emotional and tears roll down her eyes while she asks Shesh and Mithu to go out for some time.

Meanwhile, Amba tells to Chameli that after today's drama, there isn't any scope for Natasha will come back to this family.

Meanwhile, Dolly asks Chirag if Natasha and Dhawal will have a divorce after knowing today's truth or not.

Chirag explains to her that they both are meant for each other so they will not leave each other while Natasha prays to God to protect her Damaa otherwise she will never believe in his existence.

Meanwhile, Cheeku goes to Amresh's house and yells at him when Amresh warns him that he will remove him from the job while Bhavin beats him.

After that, Cheeku retaliates and starts beating him but Chirag also comes in between meanwhile Amba asks Amresh to call the police.

Just then, Shesh comes there when Cheeku asks him to help as they used to fight in childhood leading Shesh to recall everything and utter his name ''Cheeku'' whereas Cheeku asks him to call Mithu tota also to fight against the Makhwana.

Meanwhile, Amresh asks him who is he so Cheeku introduces himself as Yashodharan Pandya, and everyone is shocked to hear that.

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