Pandya Store 13th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th April 2023 episode starts with Gautam hitting the room door like an angry bull.

Hearing the noise, Dhara questions everyone about the noise with tears choking her voice and Krish replies that their kids are just banging on the door as Prerna gives him death glares.

Krish and Shiva walk away, avoiding Dhara’s gaze which hurts Dhara very much, and she remarks that now, everyone is avoiding her gaze.

Dhara closes her mouth with a sigh while Rishita excitedly urges Dhara to wait as she is going to do Dhara’s aarti.

However, as Rishita climbs the stairs, she stumbles on her feet, resulting in the aarti plate getting messed up.

Rishita looks up at Dhara sheepishly when Dhara just keeps looking at everyone with a disappointed look.

Krish and Shiva both feel sad for Dhara as Dhara enters the Pandya Nivas limping while Shivank stands at the doorway with a flower garland in his hands.

Meanwhile, Gautam is constantly yelling that his brothers have no shame since they have locked their big brother in the room while he tries to break the door by kicking it with his head.

Gomby comes out of the room looking like a raging bull and he starts chasing everyone around with a stick in his hand.

Suman orders Rishita to calm down Gomby.

Gautam shouts that today he will beat Krish and Shiva for locking him in the room when Suman orders Shiva to throw Gautam into the well so he comes out of his drunk state.

As Suman stares at Gomby with anger, Shiva drags Gomby to the room to save him from Suman’s wrath.

Afterward, Rishita scolds Krish for saying that Shivank bringing Dhara home and the three Pandya brothers going are the same, and Shivank pretends to get hurt.

Shivank starts shedding tears dramatically and he walks over to Shiva to hug him who straightway orders Shivank to leave the Pandya Nivas without being dramatic.

Shiva’s quirky reply stuns Shivank so he goes to hug Rishita who also orders Shivank to stay away from her.

However, as Shivank starts walking away, Suman urges him to not say such things again, causing Shivank to smirk at himself.

He then gets the flashback of Suman forcing him to wear heavy anklets in his childhood and how his friends used to make fun of him so he promised himself that he will ruin the Pandya family for destroying his childhood.

Suman again invites Shivank to attend the party which they are going to organize for Dhara to melt her anger.

On the other hand, Dhara is sitting in her bed while Shivank's words about no one caring for her echo in her mind and she says her one mistake has become such a big deal for the Pandya family.

She suddenly finds her alter ego laughing at her from the mirror and starts trashing the room in anger while yelling that now she does not care for anyone.

While going through the wardrobe, Dhara finds the family photo album which contains memories of her with the whole Pandya family so she burns all the photographs in anger.

Just then, Prerna walks in to complain about Shweta's sudden arrival but Dhara kicks Prerna out of the room, ordering Prerna to deal with her problems on her own.

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