Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th December 2023 episode starts with Suman comforting Natasha, telling her it wasn't her fault, and recalling a feeling of foreboding when the Pandya store was being demolished.

Suman asks her to come home while Cheeku asks for an apology from her while packing her bag.

Natasha says that it's not the time to cry as she has to move on in life from this relationship while Dhawal drinks alcohol, recalling Natasha and saying that she should have not gone.

Meanwhile, Hetal cleans Natasha’s room and gets nostalgic, seeing her clothes while Amba notices her and gets angry.

He asks her to distribute Natasha’s clothes among the poor while Dhawal dreams of Natasha, standing in front of him and asking him to hold her hand when he follows the same.

He envisions sitting next to Natasha but realizes he's actually beside his friend, who urges him to acknowledge his lingering love for Natasha.

Later, his friend escorts Dhawal home while Natasha remembers the moment Dhawal asks for a divorce, causing her to shiver in her sleep.

Suman gets worried for her and wakes up to look out for her while Cheeku comes secretly into Isha’s room but she cannot recognize him.

He forcibly takes her to a dimly lit room, binding her hands when he appears in front of her, she panics, pleading for her release.

Cheeku vows to make her family feel her pain, almost about to harm her, but he snaps out of the dream abruptly.

Meanwhile, Amresh recalls how Dhawal reacted after giving a divorce to Natasha when Amba comes there, saying that they have to follow the procedure of the court to get rid of Natasha as early as possible.

Amresh tells her that he will manage things while Suman asks Cheeku to think twice and then take any step against Makhwanas.

Later on the next day, Pranali asks Hetal if she talked to Natasha or not when she tells her that Natasha isn’t receiving the call.

Meanwhile, Amba requests the Lawyer to grant Natasha and Dhawal divorce as early as possible but he explains to her that a long time will take for all the proceedings to be completed.

Natasha and Suman go to the police station but she says that she does not want to get involved in this case while Suman says that she cannot feel weak right now.

Meanwhile, the Lawyer gives options to demean Natasha but Dhawal says that no one will demean her while the Police also motivate Natasha to fight for her rights.

The lawyer advises Dhawal to prove Natasha characterless in court which provokes his anger and he beats him while the lawyer asks Amresh if Dhawal still loves Natasha then why is he separating from Natasha?

On the other hand, many feminists come in support of Natasha and rally against Dhawal while Amresh explains Lawyers not to say bad things about Natasha.

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