Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th February 2023 episode starts with Rishita begging Dhara to give Chiku away for the sake of her daughter.

Dhara tells crying that motherly instinct is equally important as blood relationships and will not give Chiku away to Shweta since she never cared for him.

Hearing this, Rishita starts pleading with Suman to support her who does not utter any words.

Rishita then turns to Raavi for support but Raavi does not say anything.

Meanwhile, in the room, Gautam washes his face to get rid of the drunk state and knocks on the door but finds it locked.

Finding a window nearby, Gautam decides to escape through the window.

In the hall, Rishita announces that if no one is going to help her, she will trade Chiku for Chutki.

When Rishita is about to leave to find Chiku, the mini Pandya brothers enter the Pandya Nivas with Natasha.

As Natasha trips, she is about to fall but Rishita holds her in her arms along with Dev.

The time gets frozen for some time as Rishita, Dev looks into Natasha’s eyes while Rishita’s heart starts beating very fast.

However, Rishita lets go of Natasha who gets extremely happy to see many fans in one place.

Rishita orders Shesh to explain who is this girl to which Shesh replies that they found it in a temple and brought her here for Suman’s happiness.

As Suman happily introduces herself to Natasha saying that she is her biggest fan.

Chiku then asks Suman if he can call her grandma now but Suman does not answer.

Grabbing Chiku’s hand tightly, Rishita starts leading him toward Shweta’s room despite everyone’s urging.

When Rishita finds the room empty and a message on the window states Chutki is very ill and if the Pandya family wants to save her, they need to give Shweta 50 lakh.

Rishta breaks down in tears and lets go of Chiku’s hand who runs out of the room to Dhara.

At the same time, entering the hall, Rishita thanks Raavi in a sarcastic tone for letting Shweta run away just like Dhara did seven years ago.

Meanwhile, Dhara, Raavi, and Dev run to the room to see for themselves and get shocked ton the message on the window.

Later, in the hall, Suman tells everyone that Natasha reminds her of Chukti as Chukti will also be now older.

Rishita yells that this is not her Chutki while Dev holds her in his arms for emotional support.

When Raavi apologizes to Rishita, Suman orders everyone to think of a new plan.

Meanwhile, Shiva is looking everywhere for the kids whereas Shweta is also looking around for Chutki.

When Shiva is talking to a priest, Shweta notices him and runs away to hide because if Shiva sees him, he will drag her back to Pandya Nivas.

Finding someone similar to Shweta, Shiva runs behind her but gets upset as the girl turns out to be someone else.

Meanwhile, Natasha starts crying saying she wants her mom when Raavi starts consoling her.

Rishita screams that in this house people care about strangers’ tears, not their own family members.

In the meantime, Shweta gets shocked to see Chutki inside the house as she was planning to use her as bait.

Shweta’s phone starts ringing as Dhara continues calling and everyone comes out to look for her.

In the meantime, Shweta hides in a garbage bin when Shiva returns.

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