Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 13th February 2024 episode starts with Natasha getting happy as she spots Dhawal coming toward the clinic to see how Pranali has succeeded in her dreams.

Natasha stands up from her rangoli and places the plate of flower petals in front of the fan after which she showers petals over Dhawal and welcomes him with her hearty smile.

Dhawal brightens up as he spots Natasha but Natasha stumbles while coming toward Dhawal and almost falls.

However, Dhawal catches Natasha at the end moment with petals showing over them which makes them lose in each other's eyes for a brief moment.

Natasha says that she is happy to see Dhawal there and he should stay until the inauguration while Dhawal replies that he had to come positively after getting called by Natasha herself.

Holding onto Dhawal's hand, Natasha calls Hetal, Pranali, and Dolly to come and meet him which turns into an emotional reunion between the ladies of the family and their youngest brother-in-law.

Natasha talks in code and alerts Amresh, Amba, and Chirag that Dhawal has come to the clinic which makes Amresh tell Amba that their target has been acquired.

Amresh enters with Amba and Chirag while Dhawal asks Pranali to complete the inauguration of the clinic by cutting off the ribbon.

However, as Pranali is about to cut the ribbon, Amresh shouts her name and says that he has never permitted her to open her clinic.

Amresh says that no woman from their family is allowed to work outside and if they want to do it, they can leave the family which is nothing but the starting of a war.

Everyone stands with stunned faces as they witness Amresh's overacting after which Natasha asks Amresh what he is even saying on her earpiece.

Amresh looks around with a nervous face while Chirag asks him to tone down his acting after which Dhawal stands across Amresh, asking him to stop with his outdated thoughts.

As Dhawal calls Amresh "Amresh Ji" and not mods, everyone realizes that the matter is serious and Amresh says that he is ready to let Dhawal open the clinic after getting emotional.

Natasha asks Amresh to control his flowing emotions and stay in his character while Dhawal stands confused thinking why Amresh suddenly flipped from his decision.

Dhawal brings Pranali to the entrance and asks her to cut the ribbon when Amba suddenly throws mud on the banner, worsening the situation.

After asking Amba to step aside, Amresh says that he will not let that clinic open after which he asks Dhawal why he should let Pranali open that facility.

Dhawal reminds Amresh that Pranali is a well-educated person while Natasha notices Amresh's phone falling down and jumps in to distract others from it.

As Natasha crouches down to get the phone, Dhawal turns around and notices Natasha sitting on the ground which leaves everyone nervous about the truth getting revealed.

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