Pandya Store 13th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 13th January 2024 episode starts with Natasha laughing at Sandeep when he falls in the mud whereas Dhawal observes them together coming inside the resort.

She keeps on laughing and asks Sandeep to change so he goes to change whereas Dhawal scolds Natasha for coming late and he drags her from there.

Natasha tells him that now he doesn't have any right over her from the day when their wedding ended.

Dhawal says that he is just doing all these things because she has done a lot for his family, and that's why he worries for her but Natasha tells him that she wants to set him free from all the obligations.

He does not listen to her and says that he gets affected whenever he sees her with Sandeep and tells her everything that Sandeep talked about with his friend.

Natasha is shocked to hear this but she is not ready to believe him so Dhawal asks her if she trusts Sandeep more than him but Natasha goes from there without saying anything.

Dhawal asks her to answer his question but she goes while Dhawal murmurs that he gets weak whenever he sees Natasha and feels like breaking his promise to Amresh.

In the meantime, Natasha tries to connect the dots that Sandeep is trying to take advantage of her whereas Amresh expresses his concern to Amba that he is worried that Dhawal might change his mind about marrying Suhani.

Dhawal comes there and asks Amba to set a different mandap for him which makes Amba smirk and Amresh tells her that Dhawal is still confused about whether he has to marry Suhani or not.

Amba asks him to think positively whereas on next day, Natasha goes and decorates the mandap with flowers and cries over fate saying that she is decorating the mandap for her ex-husband.

In the meantime, Amba comes there and asks Natasha to stay away and she asks the decorator to make another mandap for Dhawal.

Natasha murmurs that she will make this wedding impossible for Dhawal whereas Cheeku talks with Kamlesh regarding the Pandya store while Natasha asks Cheeku what was he gossiping about with Kamlesh.

Cheeku handles the situation by lying to Natasha and asking her to tie his turban.

Elsewhere, Dhawal recalls Natasha telling him that there is no relationship between them anymore whereas Isha asks Dhawal to rethink again because Natasha is a good girl.

Meanwhile, Cheeku asks Natasha to be happy for her brother's wedding after which she tells him that Dhawal was telling Amba to change mandap and she goes from there which provokes Cheeku's anger.

He goes to fight with Dhawal for this but Suman stops him.

On the other hand, Dhawal tells Isha that he will marry Suhani at any cost which brings a smile to Amba's face.

In the meantime, Natasha recalls Amba's words that she has ruined Dhawal's life but he comes into Natasha's room and tells her that he cannot do this wedding 

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