Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th July 2023 episode starts with Dhara and Gautam entering their new house with gloominess.

Dhara starts cleaning the whole room when Gautam suddenly calls Shiva unknowingly which makes both of them sad yet they resume the work without addressing their sadness.

Meanwhile, Natasha and Chiku are playing on their phones while Rishita and Dev are getting ready for their job interview.

Shesh hides Rishita’s credit card without Rishita’s notice and smiles at Rishita sheepishly, ensuring Rishita does not suspect anything.

However, after Rishita and Dev walk away, Natasha puts on some eye makeup under her eyes to make her eyes look puffed.

She posts her sick picture on Instagram, thinking Chiku will check it.

Just like Natasha excepted, Chiku gets worried for her after seeing the post and calls her directly who lies that she is extremely sick now.

Chiku urges Natasha not to worry as he is always there for her which brings a smile to Natasha’s face.

When Shweta asks Chiku to get ready for his school, he cuts the call and Shweta takes the phone away from his hand.

After dropping Chiku off, Shweta gets a call from her friend who informs her about a lucrative Dubai job opportunity that does not require any degree only skills.

The friend tells Shweta that she does not need to worry about her visa as the company will provide it instead she just needs to arrive in Dubai within ten days.

This news makes Shweta extremely happy but this happiness does not last long as the principal also calls her to let her know that Chiku is fighting in the school all the time.

On the other hand, Prerna urges Krish to return to Canada with her as she is feeling very odd staying here now.

Krish denies it, stating that he wants to stay a few more days so he can stay close to his family.

Krish clarifies that he wants to see everyone settled down before he leaves Somnath which makes Prerna sad for him so she agrees to stay.

In the meantime, the doctor advises Dhara to stop stressing as her blood pressure level is very high and Suman scolds Dhara for not eating properly.

Suman makes Dhara understand that no one will come back if Dhara stops eating so she needs to focus on herself otherwise Suman and Gomby will also fall sick.

Dhara closes her eyes after hearing this while Suman and Gautam stare at each other with worry.

Elsewhere, Shesh purchases a game using Rishita's credit card and he overhears Rishita accusing Rekha, the new housemaid over the phone which scares him so he runs away from there.

When Rekha goes to check on Natasha, she finds her missing too which scares her & she starts looking around the locality to find these two kids.

Meanwhile, Chiku in his school makes everyone fool by pretending to be unconscious and before anyone can find him, he runs away from there in order to meet Natasha.

Mithu also comes home crying but when he tells Shiva and Raavi about it, Shiva starts arguing with Raavi about how Mithu needs to learn self-defense.

This upsets Mithu so much that he also runs away from home.

Later, Dhara gets surprised to find Shesh at the door who urges her to cook something for him as he is very hungry and he finally confesses to Dhara what he has done.

Whereas Rishita and Dev decide to do a missing complaint about Shesh and Natasha as they are too proud to ask Dhara for help.

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