Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th March 2023 episode starts with Dev, Rishita, and Krish looking around everywhere for Natasha.

They collide with Shiva and Raavi during this and as Shiva questions them about who Natasha is.

Shiva again asks everyone to answer this question since it is not a tricky math question while everyone looks at each other worriedly.

Rishita drags Raavi aside, saying that she needs to talk to her alone whereas Dev and Krish try to distract Shiva.

She reveals to Raavi that Natasha has learned the truth when they are discussing Natasha’s kidney transplant.

Rishita’s words shock Raavi and she remarks that since their birth planets are on strike, and that’s why their problems are never-ending.

Raavi also tells Rishita that Shiva was panicking after hearing Shweta’s voice and she was barely able to distract him.

She even also urges Rishita to not worry about Shweta since she has given “Bhang” to her so now, Shweta will never do anything.

Noticing Raavi and Rishita whispering, Shiva remarks that these two ladies are behaving like old-school friends to which Krish replies that the girls’ gossip is never-ending.

Meanwhile, Raavi orders Rishita to wait till she sends Shiva somewhere then, she will search for Natasha with them.

When Shiva arrives there, he questions Raavi and Rishita about what they are discussing.

Raavi conjures up the lie that some goons have thrown stones at the Pandya store so Shiva needs to make sure that store is alright.

Shiva gets angry after hearing this so he orders Krish to pick up a stick to fight the goons.

On the other hand, Suman tells Mata Rani that her family's life has become a thriller English movie, and if any of her grandchildren go missing today, she will meet Mata Rani for a face-off.

As she is about to walk away, Kanta meets her to inform her that Natasha sleeping in her house as she is having stomach ache.

Suman orders Kanta to take her to meet Natasha but on their way, they meet Shweta who is drunk.

Shweta starts dancing with Suman who questions Shweta if Shweta assumes that she is a sandalwood tree since Shweta is wrapping herself around her like a snake.

Shweta even tries to touch Suman's feet but Suman orders her to stay away otherwise, she will give her curses.

At the same time, the rest of the Pandya family also arrive there only to get confused to see Shweta in this state.

Drunk Shweta then drags Rishita and Dhara to dance with her while Suman comments that she better not find any sharp object since she wants to attempt murder.

On the other hand, Shiva and Krish stop dead in their track when Shiva hears Shweta's shrill voice but before he can check, Krish sends him to the Pandya store.

Later, Dhara and Rishita grab Shweta to threaten her that they want to slit her throat but she is looking very pretty in her drunk state.

In the meantime, the Pandya kids sneak up behind the elders to throw water at them when they hear Dhara confessing that it is better Chiku does not know that she has adopted him.

Time stops for Chiku as he realizes the truth and a gasp comes out of his mouth.

Afterward, Shesh fills Chiku's head with assumptions about Dhara wanting to throw Chiku out of the house while Chiku sobs uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Rishita goes to talk to Natasha whereas Dhara also decides to tell Chiku the whole truth.

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