Pandya Store 13th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha asking Amresh if she can come for an interview on next day when Amresh says that they have hired someone else as she didn’t come on time.

Natasha feels bad after hearing this and she goes inside her room, thinking about the things that happened in the hall.

Dhawal comes inside the room, asking Natasha not to doubt Amresh every time but Natasha says that it is her family also and he should not act like a bridge every time between her and the family.

Meanwhile, Dhawal pushes her against the wall and says that firstly they should know each other in a good way before proceeding further.

He continuously stares at her eyes and puts her hair behind her head while Amba comes there leading Dhawal to go away from there.

Amba comes to talk with Natasha and she asks her to show the band that she found in the bag.

Natasha follows her instructions and brings that band, asking her if she knows the person who wears it.

Amba holds the neckband and says that she doesn't know about the person whose neckband it is and after saying this she goes from there.

Natasha murmurs that Amba is hiding something from her that she needs to find while Amresh comes into Natasha’s room, asking her what she said to Amba as she is crying downstairs.

However, Natasha gives him clarification that she didn’t say anything to her as Amba herself comes into her room, asking about the neckband and Amba leaves without saying anything.

Natasha tells Amresh that he has done wrong by putting her down in front of the family as today his own family is in danger due to his behaviour.

Amresh gives her a befitting reply that this family has given a lot to her so she should focus on reuniting people in the family instead of breaking.

Further, Amresh leaves Natasha's room and directly goes to Amba’s room, asking her if she is fine leading Amba to tell him that she has come and Amba shows her neckband to Amresh.

Amresh says that he is going to complain against her but Amba requests him not to do so as she is her daughter and if people get to know that she is the person who kidnapped Golu then their family’s image will be ruined.

On the other hand, Natasha receives a call from an interviewer agent, scolding her for missing the interview when Natasha gives him an explanation that she was stuck in a family issue.

She asks him to arrange another interview for her leading the agent to say that he will look after it.

Natasha goes to get ready and finds Dhawal sitting near the dressing, setting his hair.

She finds that Dhawal has thrown her clothes in the corner which she has ironed.

Natasha asks him to iron her clothes again leading Dhawal to iron her dress when it gets burned and he fears the consequences.

He tries to hide it from him but Natasha gets to know about it and she scolds him while Hetal asks Dhawal to take her on Diwali shopping.

Meanwhile, Amba searches for her daughter’s photo and gives it to Amresh while Natasha secretly spies on Amba and Amresh.

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