Pandya Store 13th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 13th September 2023 episode starts with Amba asking the workers to keep the cylinder in her daughter-in-law's kitchen and she also gifts one stove to Natasha.

Meanwhile, Hetal asks Amba to have lunch as she is on medications so Amba is happy to hear this and she also goes with Hetal to help her cook.

After a while, Amresh comes into the kitchen and Amba makes him eat lunch while she also asks him why he is taking so much care of Natasha.

He says that until she transfers the Pandya store in his name they have to act according to her wish.

On the other hand, Natasha recalls everything while standing in the kitchen and Dhawal comes there and he starts cooking Maggie.

Natasha looks at him and asks for an apology for not cooking the lunch and at the same time thanks him for saving her Pandya store.

Dhawal says nothing and starts eating Maggie while Natasha tells him that she is also hungry so he feeds her also and explains to her to live according to Amba and Amresh's rules.

On the other hand, Suman still thinks for Cheeku when Shesh and Mithu arrive saying that it was a good day for the Pandya store.

Suddenly, Suman gets back to reality and tells Shesh and Mithu to buy a Raksha Bandhan gift for Natasha.

Later on the next morning, Makwana's house is decorated with lighting and flowers on Rakhi so each member of the family is dressed up well for the same.

Natasha gets excited to see the decorations while Shesh and Mithu come there to celebrate rakhi but Amba does not allow them to come inside the house, saying that they don't celebrate rakhi.

Shesh and Mithu get tense while Natasha feels helpless as she cannot do anything for her brothers and asks Amba why Makhwana does not celebrate rakhi.

Amba tells her that she does not have a daughter who can tie rakhi on her four brothers' wrists, and that's why they don't celebrate.

Amresh smirks and murmurs that now Natasha will suffer for going against him while Amba tells Natasha that instead of celebrating rakhi they do pooja (worship) on this day but Natasha gets pissed off.

After a while, Amba asks for the Prasad so Hetal goes into the kitchen where she starts preparing the prasad while Natasha also goes behind her for help.

Meanwhile, Hetal starts making prasad, and suddenly her phone vibrates so she checks it and finds that her brother is calling her.

She picks up the call and wishes him a very happy Raksha Bhandahan while her brother insists her come to her mayaka for raksha bandhan but Hetal tells him that she is busy in pooja so she cannot come.

Her brother tries to make her emotional by saying that now he is going to America and will be back after three years whereas Hetal starts crying and asks him to take care of himself.

Meanwhile, Natasha comes there so Hetal cuts the call and wipes her tears while Natasha forces her to go to her brother's place but Hetal does not agree and she goes downstairs along with Prasad.

Natasha tries to make a plan so that they can tie rakhi on their brother's wrist when she finds Hetal's phone and calls her brother, asking him to come near Sadar Bazaar for rakhi.

After that, she also calls Mithu but Shesh snatches the phone from his hand and scolds her for not tying Rakhi.

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