Pandya Store 14th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 14th December 2023 episode starts with Natasha opening the door of Makhwana’s and entering inside the house as she feels awkward to face Dhawal and other family members again.

Everyone gets surprised to see her there while Amba gets frustrated and asks her to get out of the house as they will meet her directly in court.

Suman along with Cheeku enters the house and taunts Amba that they are not interested in protecting the relationship now.

After that, a crowd of ladies enter the house and take a stand for Natasha while Amba tries to manipulate Dhawal by saying that Natasha wants to spoil their image.

Meanwhile, Suman tells the Police the truth about what Makhwana has done with Natasha, and the Police give instructions to their constable to arrest them for deceiving Natasha.

Isha murmurs that Cheeku should not think that she is involved in all such things while Amba gets angry with Suman and yells at her but Suman acts bold, saying that she is taking a stand for the right thing.

Meanwhile, Amresh asks his lawyer to do something so he asks for proof but the police do not listen to him and arrest them.

Hetal requests Natasha to stop the police while Suman scolds her for not supporting Natasha at that time when her in-laws were insulting Natasha.

Dhawal comes in between and says that he is the main culprit in all these things, asking the police to arrest him but they don’t listen to him when Dhawal says that he didn’t expect such a thing from Natasha.

Cheeku comes and warns Dhawal to stay away from Natasha but she takes a stand for Dhawal while Cheeku asks her to look after her self-respect first.

Then, a lawyer with proof comes there that Amresh and Amba have not deceived Natasha so the Police ask the constable to leave Amresh and Amba.

After that, Natasha reads the paper and in that, it is mentioned that Pandya's store is in her name only while Amresh tries to act well in front of them and asks for an apology.

Police and other ladies go from there while Hetal asks Dhawal to sort out the things between him and Natasha and give them another chance in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Suman asks Amresh to stop acting and give his reference to Chameleon which provokes Amba’s anger and she says that she won’t listen to a single word against Amresh.

She asks them to go from there and she says that in ten days she will fix Dhawal’s marriage with another girl after getting a proper divorce from Natasha.

Suman says that they will see the things as Natasha is a bold lady and even she will fix Natasha’s marriage in a bigger family than theirs which surprises Dhawal and Hetal.

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