Pandya Store 14th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 14th February 2023 episode starts with the whole Pandya family looking outside the Pandya Nivas when Shiva walks in.

As everyone looks restless, Shiva asks everyone for whom they are searching and Raavi looks worried.

Shiva again repeats this question and pushes Dev slightly, causing Dev to collide with the garbage bin.

Meanwhile, Suman offers Natasha chocolate who is crying nonstop but Natasha refuses it by saying that she just wants her mother.

When Natasha runs to open the door, Chiku closes it before her, making Natasha cry even harder.

At the same time, Shesh starts chasing Natasha around due to which Shesh falls to the ground and cuts his forehead.

Shesh also starts sobbing due to the pain while Suman orders Chiku to bring turmeric powder for Shesh.

Outside the Pandya Nivas, Dev is searching the garbage bin absent-mindedly causing Shweta to sink deeper inside whereas the other family members search around with helplessness written all over their faces.

To stop Dev from searching, Shweta puts her phone in a garbage bag, resulting in Dev assuming that this phone was ringing.

Just then, Chiku informs everyone about Shesh cutting his forehead due to Natasha and everyone rushes inside.

Rishita is about to rebuke Natasha for this when Dhara orders Rishita to control her anger as Natasha is just a little girl.

Meanwhile, Gautam questions Natasha about her mom to which Natasha replies that her mother’s name is Dolly.

As Natasha states that they will find her mom in the temple, Gautam and Shiva offer to take her there.

Meanwhile, Dhara urges Natasha to apologize to Rishita but Natasha says sorry in a snobby tone.

Hearing Natasha’s apology, Rishita announces that Natasha’s mother has not taught her any manners.

Meanwhile, Rishita calls Shweta again who picks up this time and informs Rishita that she needs 50 lacs the next day only in exchange for Chutki, otherwise the Pandya family will see Chutki dying.

As Rishita mentions that they cannot arrange so much so quickly, Shweta reminds her that her ex-husband earns in dollars in Canada so it is not a big deal for him.

Hearing this, everyone turns to look at Krish who is standing like a statue there and Rishita pleads with him to save Chutki.

Rishita tells Krish restlessly that she will forgive him for his past mistake as Krish is the one who let Shweta run away with Chutki.

On the other hand, Prerna’s parents order her to return to Canada with them despite Prerna’s pleading.

Back in Pandya house, Krish informs everyone that he will help Rishita when his phone starts ringing.

Krish gets shattered when Prerna’s mom orders him to choose between Prerna and coming to Canada or staying with this toxic family in India.

He rushes out after hearing this while Rishita breaks down in tears.

On the other hand, Gomby and Shiva decide to bring Natasha back since no one knows about her mother.

Later that night, Dhara hides the divorce papers stating that if everyone learns about it, there will be more drama so she will reveal this once they find Chutki.

Afterward, Dhara gets surprised when Gautam brings Natasha back whereas Suman tells Rishita that Krish will indeed help them.

Later, Shesh and Natasha are fighting in the room again, and the photo album falls down which contains Shweta and Krish's wedding pictures.

When Natasha sees Shweta, she gets confused as she does not know why Shweta is standing with Krish.

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