Pandya Store 14th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 14th February 2024 episode starts with Dhawal furiously talking to Amrish telling him that leaving the home doesn't even feel good to him and says that then too he is standing by everyone just as Natasha is as he looks around for her.

He sees her sitting near his legs and asks her why she is there, to which she says that his thoughts made her want to touch his feet out of respect.

As Amrish gets emotional, he hugs Dhawal and everyone sees.

Meanwhile, Isha tries to cook something by watching a YouTube video but fails miserably wishing for Cheeku to be here.

Concurrently, there is a minor fire in the kitchen which panics Isha and Suman while Cheeku extinguishes the fire.

Suman doubts Isha going somewhere else instead of cooking class and punishes them as she asks them to become a cock.

Isha says that she doesn't know how to be one while Suman orders Cheeku to teach her.

Meanwhile, Amrish says to Dhawal that if he wants the clinic to be opened then they will open it for sure which makes everyone happy except for Amba.

He requests him to return and says that he wants his family back to normal and if Pranali wants to open a clinic or a hospital, everything is allowed and further requests him to just come home.

Dhawal listens to it all while Natasha tells him to please agree with Amrish while Amba wonders where Bhavin is.

On the flip side, Bhavin meets Cheeku and tells him that Dhawal, being the youngest, protests Amrish while Cheeku suggests he take responsibility for his family.

He replies that it is impossible till Amrish is here.

He further says that no woman in their house is allowed to work but he agrees when Natasha asks for a clinic to be opened for Pranali.

Back at the inauguration, Natasha makes Dhawal and Amrish patch up as Amrish announces a double celebration.

They proceed to the inauguration ceremony while Hetal asks Amba to accompany them but she refuses.

Natasha tells Amrish to have the honor to cut the ribbon but he says that it's Pranali's clinic and she should cut the ribbon.

Amba sees everything in agony.

Natasha and Pranali cut the ribbon as everyone claps except for Amba.

She is furious to see it all while everyone celebrates and makes each other eat the sweets.

Pranali comes to Amba with the sweet but she refuses.

In the meantime, Bhavin says that Amrish shouldn't have gone against him to support Pranali.

He further says that women should work in the kitchen and handle the households, that is it.

He says that he has sent fake medicines to the clinic which will get it shut.

Back at the inauguration, the medicines arrive that had been sent by Bhavin.

Hetal, Pranali, and Dolly go to check out the medicines while Amba smirks and thinks to herself that now the clinic will get shut forever and Dhawal will be back at home too while everyone helps each other to assemble things.

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