Pandya Store 14th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 14th January 2024 episode starts with Natasha dreaming of Dhawal in front of her and saying that he cannot marry Suhani and she turns around to see him but she realizes that she was just dreaming.

In the meantime, Sandeep comes into Natasha's room and acts in front of her as being good but she recalls Dhawal's words and says brother to him which provokes his anger and he tells her that brother sounds so boring.

Natasha pushes him away and scolds him for having bad intentions but he makes her feel bad by telling her that she has been left by her husband which provokes her anger and she slaps Sandeep.

She beats him ruthlessly but Sandeep tells her that she got her character certificate on that day when Dhawal divorced her after which she picks up the slipper and is about to beat him with it.

Natasha asks him to broaden his thinking and asks him to thank god that today is Cheeku's wedding otherwise she would have to bring his reality in front of everyone after which she asks him to go from there.

He runs away from there while Dhawal recalls Amresh's words that there wasn't any love between him and Hetal initially but after so many years of their wedding but still Hetal loves him the most.

Amresh comes there and Dhawal tells him that too many questions are coming into his mind whose answers he does not have.

After that Dhawal gets up and goes out of the room by giving a weird look to Amresh which makes Amresh feel awkward.

Meanwhile, Suman calls Natasha to come and join for baraat whereas Dhawal also comes down and everyone starts dancing and enjoying while Amba comes and prays to god to protect Dhawal from evil eyes.

Hetal searches for Pranali whereas she gives a glass of water to Bhavin taunting him that he does not have any power in the house which provokes his anger.

He tells her that Amresh is a bigger coward than him because by removing Natasha from Dhawal's life he returned Pandya's store to Natasha due to which chaos has been created.

He also tells her that Amresh put a condition in front of Dhawal due to which today things have changed which surprises Pranali whereas Natasha comes out and recalls her wedding day and Dhawal stares at her with tears in his eyes.

Dhawal recalls how his marriage with Natasha ended whereas Suman asks Natasha what happened but she does not say anything to her while Amresh feels guilty after seeing tears in Dhawal's eyes.

Meanwhile, Natasha recalls how Sandeep was trying to get closer to him and murmurs that Dhawal should cancel this wedding whereas Dhawal murmurs that whenever he sees Natasha, he becomes weak and is unable to make further decisions.

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