Pandya Store 14th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 14th March 2023 episode starts with Chiku telling Shesh and Mithu that his mother is not cruel so she will never do this.

Mithu urges Chiku to not cry because he can stay with Ravi if he wants and he has no problem sharing his food with Chiku.

Shesh informs Mithu that sharing food is not a big problem but they need to find a mother for Chiku who will not scold him since Dhara is planning to throw him out of the house.

Once Shesh stops talking, Chiku starts sobbing and runs out of there while Mithu and Shesh decide to follow him.

Meanwhile, Gautam finds Dev standing at a distance so he puts color on Dev’s face with a soft smile on his face.

Gautam tells Dev that if Dev needs to go to work, then he will not stop Dev but he wants Dev to come here for each festival.

Dev goes on to say that he will not go anywhere from now on but he does not finish that sentence.

Gomby puts his hands around Dev’s shoulder, feeling emotional, and orders Dev to wait till he brings Thandai for them.

However, when Gomby comes with two glasses of thandai, Dev pleads with him to not drink it since it has become an addiction for Gomby.

Gautam then throws away the Thandai, saying that he does not need it anymore.

On the other hand, Natasha meets drunk Shweta on the road and she questions Shweta if she is not her mother.

Due to the effect of “Bhang” Shweta unwantedly reveals to Natasha that indeed, the Pandya family is Natasha’s real family.

Natasha gets shocked upon hearing the revelation while Shweta puts a hand on her mouth to stop herself from revealing any more.

She again asks Shweta if she is not her mother and Shweta again reveals that she is no one, causing Natasha to break down in tears.

Shweta tries to hug Natasha to calm her but Natasha pushes her away and Shweta resumes her search for Krish, feeling frustrated.

In the meantime, Krish gets busy with two strangers as he approaches Pandya Store to meet Shiva while Shiva decides to play Holi with Gautam.

Elsewhere, Chiku is walking in the colony with tears in his eyes since his little heart is still unable to process the truth that Dhara is not his mother.

Coming there, Shesh and Mithu pull Chiku in a hug to give him emotional support while Shesh and Mithu wrap their hands around Chiku’s hands.

On the other hand, Kanta, Rishita, and Dhara get shocked when they don’t find Natasha anywhere inside Kanta’s home.

Rishita and Dhara rush out of the house in search of Natasha after Dhara expresses her worry about Shweta manipulating Natasha.

Meanwhile, Gautam and Dev are about to hug each other when Dhara and Rishita approach them and the four of them start looking around for Natasha.

Natasha breaks down in tears as all the memories of the Pandya family treating her nicely play in her mind.

Later, Prerna leaves Pandya Nivas to search for everyone when the Pandya kids enter.

Chiku sits on the stairs as he recalls his sweet moments with Dhara while Shesh and Mithu lie their head on Chiku's shoulders.

On the other hand, Krish tries his best to keep the distance between Shiva and Shweta but Shweta pushes Krish away and she collides with Shiva's drum for a brief moment.

Time pauses for everyone as Shiva and Shweta stare at each other.

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