Pandya Store 14th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 14th November 2023 episode starts with Amba asking Amresh to find out about Isha as soon as possible while Natasha comes into her room and hears their conversation.

Natasha comes inside the room saying that Hetal is calling her for Diwali shopping but Amba refuses to go shopping with them. 

Meanwhile, Isha tells Suman that now she has recovered so she wants to go back to her home but Suman insists she stay in Pandya's house till Diwali.

Isha also tells her that after Diwali she will go as she thinks that she won’t be able to find a job here.

Suman allows her and after that, they both go for Diwali shopping and Isha helps Suman in selecting a saree for Amba.

Meanwhile, Mithu and Shesh goes to buy Diwali suit for themselves while Amba and Hetal also comes to the same shop for Diwali shopping.

Suman becomes happy to see them there and she asks Amba to select a saree but Amba says that she will accept the gift that she will offer to her.

After that, Amba and Hetal go from there for further shopping while Suman asks Natasha why Amba is behaving so well with her.

Natasha ignores it in fun while Suman gives her a dress to wear and checks if she likes it or not.

Natasha goes to wear the dress in the changing room while Hetal also selects one dress for Natasha and asks Dhawal to give it to Natasha.

Dhaval goes near the changing room and asks Natasha to wear that dress.

Meanwhile, Natasha asks Dhawal to come inside and help her as she is not able to pull the chain of the dress all the way up. 

Dhawal comes inside the changing room and helps her with changing the dress while Isha selects a saree for Amba and shows it to Suman.

In the meantime, a few ladies come near the changing room to try on their dresses but Natasha is still stuck in the changing room so she calls Hetal to help her.

Hetal goes to help Natasha while ladies outside the trial room taunt Natasha for taking too much time in the trial room.

Natasha gets worried when Hetal comes and knocks on the door by saying Natasha two times whereas Isha finds that Amba and her family are shopping in the same shop so she decides to escape from that place.

Suman tries to stop her but she makes excuses and manages to go out but her dress gets stuck in the door.

Amba notices her from behind and eagerly waits to see her face but Dolly comes in between showing saree to Amba due to which she gets distracted.

Isha manages to go from there while Amba ignores the saree selected by Dolly and goes to follow her daughter Isha.

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