Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 14th October 2023 episode starts with the nurse coming out of the ICU and telling the doctor that Suman's condition is getting critical while Natasha and Cheeku get worried.

The doctor and nurse rush inside the ICU and try to revive her by giving electric shock while Natasha also comes inside the ICU whereas doctor asks her to go outside.

Meanwhile, Amresh asks Bhavin to recall his childhood by removing his shirt and showing the marks on his back while Pranali is shocked to see marks on Amresh’s back.

After that, Amresh asks Bhavin to recall that fifteen years ago, he gave a responsibility to Bhavin to feed his family and he stole the chappati while Amresh took Bhavin’s blame on his head.

Amresh describes the ruthless way in which he was beaten by the owner of the shops whereas Amba asks him to forget the past.

Meanwhile, Dhawal comes there and Amba asks her where was he lost leading him to tell her that he went to the hospital to help Natasha but couldn’t help her as things were out of his control.

Dhawal requests Amresh to call Dr. Rajeev from Mumbai as he is the best cardiologist while Amba gets angry at him and scolds Dhawal for taking Natasha’s side.

He takes a stand for Natasha and tries to explain that they had done wrong to her which is why Suman is in so critical condition.

Meanwhile, Amresh calls Dr. Rajeev and takes his appointment whereas the doctor tells this good news to Natasha and Cheeku that an injection has been arranged and also Dr. Rajeev is coming to treat Suman.

Natasha and Cheeku get happy and hug each other while she asks Cheeku to bring some food as they have not eaten anything since morning.

After that, she gives him money but he does not take it and says that she still considers him a stranger.

Cheeku does not take money from her whereas Amba goes to meet Amresh, trying to ask him why he called Doctor since the Pandya family is their enemy.

He explains to her that he has done all these things to save his relationship with Dhawal and also explains to her that today he saw rage in Dhawal's eyes so he feared losing his brother.

Amresh says that for him his blood relations are far above that of anyone that’s why he called the doctor after that, he adds that he has a special place for Dhawal in his heart so he cannot afford to lose him at any cost.

On the other hand, Natasha and Cheeku sleep on the sofa in the hospital and Dhawal secretly comes there and takes Natasha away with him in a different room.

She asks him what is he doing there so he asks her if she loves him or not, she keeps quiet when he says that he is asking the wrong question as he knows that she loves him.

Meanwhile, he tries to defend his point that his family is innocent and they were purchasing Pandya store as Natasha also wanted to sell it because she wanted to go to Ahmedabad to do M.B.A.

He also says that by selling the Pandya store Shesh and Mithu’s future would also be secured while Natasha says to him that he has come here intending to convince her to sell Pandya store and shows eyes to him.

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