Pandya Store 14th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 14th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 14th September 2023 episode starts with Natasha giving dialogues to Hetal and telling her that in childhood she was an actor while Hetal reads the dialogues but she initially does not agree to deliver it.

Natasha forces her to learn the dialogues while Cheeku recalls how Natasha insulted him so he makes a determination that he will ruin Pandya Store.

After that, he reaches Pandya Store but Suman does not allow him to come inside saying that she is not anything for him so he returns back.

She murmurs that after seeing this boy she always remembers Cheeku while he turns back and stares at her before going.

On the other hand, Natasha helps Hetal in escaping from the kitchen while Amresh thanks Amba for teaching a lesson to Natasha.

Meanwhile, Hetal waits for Natasha, and Natasha brings Pooja's material, decides to go and see Hetal but Amba stops her.

Hetal observes Chabeli coming there so she hides while Natasha secretly picks up the rakhi and says that she is going inside to keep the rakhi.

Amba asks Chabeli to keep an eye on Natasha while Pranali asks her to bring a new saree from her room whereas Natasha is successful in escaping from the kitchen.

She meets Hetal and tells her that they should go early so that no one can see them while Chabeli goes to the kitchen and finds that Natasha and Hetal are missing.

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji asks for more coconut so Dhawal goes to market on his bike while Shesh asks Mithu to wait for Natasha and sits in the auto in order to leave.

Till then, Natasha comes and shouts from his back to stop when he asks the auto driver to stop and immediately comes out of the auto.

Hetal and Natasha come running towards them while Mithu tells Shesh that he had a strong belief that Natasha will come.

Hetal and Natasha search for Hetal's brother and Shesh says that's why she came without rakhi so she scolds him to not use his foolish mind.

She goes toward a plant tears a leaf to make teeka out of it and applies it on Shesh and Mithu's forehead.

They both become happy and stare at each other while Hetal also feels proud of her and murmurs that Natasha is a pure soul as she has good intentions for everyone.

After that Natasha ties Rakhi on her brother's wrist while Shesh hugs her Mithu also joins them and all three of them get emotional.

On the other hand, Chabeli gets worried and quickly comes to the hall.

She secretly tells Amba that both of her daughters-in-law have escaped from the kitchen while Amba gets shocked after hearing this.

On the other hand, Hetal gets worried about getting late and she thinks if Amresh gets to know that she has come to tie Rakhi then he will kick her out of the house.

Natasha notices Hetal and asks her to call again to her brother but Hetal starts saying that she will not tie Rakhi as they are getting late while Shesh and Mithu bring a special Rakhi gift for Natasha.

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