Pandya Store 15th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 15th April 2023 episode starts with Rishita telling Raavi that Shiva will fall ill if he finds out that Raavi is staying here.

She further states that Natasha assumes that Shweta is her mother whereas Shesh thinks he is adopted, so if Raavi stays here, she will not get any chance to spend time with Dev.

Rishita explains that she will not have anything anymore while Raavi explains that she has no other place to go since Shivank has sold their home.

She questions Shivank why he sold the house when Shivank lies that his parents had taken a mortgage on it, so he sold the house to repay it.

He tells Rishita that he will stay at Pandya Nivas from now on as the Pandya family considers him as their own causing Rishita to roll her eyes.

Just then, Mithu runs to hug Raavi, murmuring that he has missed her a lot while Raavi keeps patting his back lovingly.

Meanwhile, Dhara is sitting with a grim expression on her face in the darkness of her room when Rishita arrives at the door, begging Dhara to get ready.

She sits beside Dhara on the bed while insisting Dhara not neglect her health like this as Dhara states that she is not hungry at all.

Rishita puts her head on Dhara’s shoulder, saying that only she has the right to be stubborn yet Dhara does not respond.

However, Dhara’s heart melts as Natasha also requests Dhara to get ready for dinner, calling her “Dhara Mom” and she also shows Dhara her pretty red dress.

Dhara pulls Natasha toward her with a soft smile on her face and she informs Natasha that she will indeed get ready for dinner.

In the hall, Shweta and Shivank are busy mixing some drugs in the juice while everyone is busy stressing about if Dhara's anger will go away or not.

Shivank's face suddenly turns pale because he gets a call from the goon to whom he has sold the house and it turns out he sold the same house to two different people.

He tries to leave the Pandya house as he needs to stay underground for a few days until the goons forget about him, yet Shweta does not let him leave the Pandya house.

Whereas a goon is looking around for Shivank in Somnath, stating that Shivak has made a fool of him.

Meanwhile, Gomby pleads with his brothers to give him some advice on how to win Dhara over as his relationship is on the verge of breaking and Shiva orders Gomby to stop drinking if he really cares for Dhara.

Gautam does not respond, instead, he glances at the kids who are dancing with Shivank in the hall.

When Dhara arrives in the hall with Rishita and Raavi, everyone yells surprise, and the lights get turned on suddenly but Dhara does not show any sign of happiness on her face.

She only sits on the swing while everyone including Gomby is unable to find a way to melt her anger.

On the other hand, Shiva orders Raavi to dance with Dev as they are husband and wife while Raavi just rolls her eyes.

Shweta thinks that now, no one will be able to stop her from becoming the Pandya family member as she looks around to see everyone is busy.

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