Pandya Store 15th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 15th February 2024 episode starts with Amba calling Bhavin after which he tells her that he has executed his plan which makes Amba happy.

Amba says that now she will teach Pranali a good lesson whereas Suman hears Isha discussing about some plan with Cheeku, so she asks Isha about it.

Isha becomes nervous and lies to her that she was discussing a new recipe that today they are going to make so Suman appreciates her and asks her to bring it for her too.

Isha goes from there while Pranali and Natasha do the decoration but Pranali feels bad and tells Natasha that she wants Bhavin to also come there.

Natasha reassures her that soon Bhavin and other members will also get convinced as Amrish whereas Hetal goes to Amresh and thanks him for allowing Pranali to follow her passion.

In the meantime, Dhawal finds some medicines and thinks that it's some new game plan for Amresh after which Natasha stops him and eats the medicine, and asks him to not overthink.

Dhawal still does not believe in her and says that Amresh will never change while Suman doubts Isha, so she takes an auto and follows her.

On the other hand, the media also comes in the augural ceremony of Pranali's clinic which makes Amba wonder about them, so she asks about it from Amresh.

Amresh tells her that they might have come to take interview of Pranali while media persons came there and made wrong allegations about Amresh that he kept the wrong medicines in Pranali's clinic so that she could not pursue her passion.

Natasha thinks that Dhawal called the media, so he clears her that he hasn't called the media, so Natasha goes and asks the media to not assassinate Amresh.

Amba feels tensed for Amresh whereas Dhawal insults Amresh in front of everyone saying that Amresh has orthodox thinking.

The media asks Dhawal to wait, and they call the forensic doctor to do the investigation so that Amresh's crime can come out in front of everyone, and they also say that they will cancel Pranali's license.

Pranali starts crying after seeing fake medicines while Amba does situps and asks God to not send Amresh to jail.

However, Natasha tries to console Pranali and tells her that food department people have come to do the investigation so they come out so that they can do the process.

Later on, when they do the investigation then Natasha recalls how she along with Hetal, Pranali, and Dolly threw the fake medicine out of the clinic.

Pranali becomes anxious and prays to god while the food department people complete their process and tell the media that they gave wrong information about fake medicine.

After that, they go away from there and media also leaves while Dhawal asks Amresh to thank the ladies of the Makhwana family who saved his image today after which he goes from there.

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