Pandya Store 15th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 15th January 2024 episode starts with Pranali joining the barrat and looking at tears in Natasha's eyes whereas Amba asks her daughters-in-law to do aarti of Dhawal.

Pranali decides to do something for Natasha so she takes her away from there which provokes Suman's anger after that, she does Cheeku's tilak whereas Amba searches for Pranali, and Chirag taunts Bhavin that yesterday tiger in him came out.

Bhavin replies to him that from now this tiger will be like that only after that Amresh come here and say that after the wedding is completed they will have a conversation.

Meanwhile, Pranali tells everything to Natasha which puts her in shock Pranali gets ready to help Natasha and tells her that Dhawal loves her the most and he is doing this wedding just because he has promised to Amresh.

She tells Natasha that Dhawal promised Amresh that if he leaves Natasha then Amresh will return to Pandya store back to Suman that's why he asked for divorce from Natasha which makes Natasha angry.

Pranali tells her that she thought Natasha would get happy after knowing this but Natasha expresses her anger and says that she will not let Dhawal marry Suhani at any cost.

After that, Dhawal and the other members get ready to take baraat for the wedding whereas Amba worries that Pranali will do something against her plan while Natasha dances with Cheeku and behaves like she is happy for him.

Dhawal gets shocked to see Natasha happy and dancing like this whereas Natasha comes near Dhawal and stands in front of him and everyone looks at her whereas she starts dancing in front of everyone.

Amba makes weird faces and thinks about what new drama will Natasha do and she asks Pranali what was she telling Natasha but Pranali does not tells anything Amba while the guests make fun of the Makhwana family saying that Natasha is dancing at second wedding of her ex-husband and laugh at them.

Amresh and Amba feel insulted and he asks them to stop dancing but Natasha does not stop and drags Chirag to also dance with her whereas Dhawal comes and tells everyone that this wedding will take place but with Natasha which brings a smile to Natasha's face and she suddenly realizes that she was dreaming.

Meanwhile, Dhawal asks her why is she dancing like an idiot so Natasha tells him that soon he will get to know about it and tells him that he is looking hot today whereas Suman says that Natasha has gone mad whereas Amba asks Amresh to take baraat for wedding quickly otherwise Natasha will ruin everything.

Suman asks Natasha to stop while Natasha asks Pranali to bring Dolly and Hetal because she wants to discuss a plan to stop the wedding whereas Dhawal thinks that Natasha will do another drama which is going to ruin his wedding with Suhani.

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