Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 15th May 2023 episode starts with Raavi telling Suman that she has to bring Mithu into this matter no matter what Suman thinks.

Suman tries to make Raavi understand that she should not bring a kid into the matter while Raavi announces that now only Mithu can teach Shiva a lesson.

When Mithu enters the courtyard, Raavi orders Mithu to tell Shiva who his father is but Suman urges Mithu to leave otherwise she will bathe him in cow dung.

Raavi contradicts Suman’s order by urging Mithu to speak which confuses Mithu so he asks Suman what he should do now.

Hearing Mithu’s question, Suman calmly informs Mithu that he should leave now and Mithu walks out of the courtyard.

After Mithu leaves, Shiva stands up angrily, asking Raavi why she does not want him to get married since she is already doing raslila with Dev and roaming around Somnath by sitting behind Dev's bike.

He yells that he also wants someone to sit behind him in the back seat of his bike which makes Raavi flinch a bit out of anger and she also starts shouting at Shiva for wanting to marry someone.

At the same time, Rishita tries to make Shiva understand that he should not get married to which Shiva replies that Raavi is always pissed because of Rishita only since she always lingers around Dev.

Rishita feels upset upon hearing the comment so she starts calling Dhara's name as Dhara is the only one who can deal with Shiva's craziness.

Shiva once again yells that he will get married no matter what anyone thinks when Suman tells Raavi that she cannot see her crying like this.

Meanwhile, Shweta and Shivank enter the Pandya house only to stand near the entrance gate just to enjoy the drama and Shweta informs Shivank that he should help Raavi as Raavi is the only one who helps him to fall in love with Prerna.

They watch as Shiva picks Raavi up in his arms and walks toward the nearby well to throw Raavi in that while Raavi just stares at Shiva lovingly.

However, Shivank intervein between Raavi and Shiva by announcing that he is Raavi's brother so he will not let Shiva do injustice to her, resulting in a huge fight between him and Shiva.

At the same time, Dev and Gautam arrive at the Pandya house and they separate Shivank and Shiva from each other with full force.

Raavi then tells everyone that if no one takes her side then she herself will fight for her rights as she notices everyone turning away without telling Shiva the truth.

Just then, Gautam speaks up and he informs Shiva that he is married to Pandya Store which comes as a shock for Shiva so he walks out of the house while Shweta starts looking around for Krish.

After not finding Krish and Prerna, Shweta threatens to call the police which makes Suman comment that her entire family has become a bhagori now.

On the other hand, Dhara is walking on the road when she saves Arushi (Aru) from getting hit by a cycle and she also advises Arushi to never get married in a big joint family.

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