Pandya Store 15th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th November 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 15th November 2022 episode starts with Dhara finding Shiva in the middle of the road and questioning him about where he is going.

Dhara even tries to tell Shiva about Raavi’s surgery but Shiva drives away from there.

Meanwhile, in Pandya’s house, Shweta happily suggests to Suman to carry Chiku in one hand and the new baby in another hand.

Suman nods excitedly but Rishita also asks Suman how she will hold Chutki then to which Suman replies that she will give each child the same love.

Afterward, while everyone is dancing, Raavi’s phone starts ringing suddenly, and picking up the call, Rishita informs Arnav about Raavi being in the hospital.

Entering the Pandya house, Dhara gets shocked to see everyone dancing and Suman questions Dhara about Raavi’s pregnancy.

Shweta calls the junior doctor in the meantime to confirm if he has changed the report or not which the latter confirms.

On the other hand, Arnav arrives in the hospital to meet Raavi and after Arnav walks away, Shiva also arrives there.

The receptionist then gives Shiva Raavi’s report and Shiva gets happy thinking he is unsure if he should scold Raavi or hug her.

Later, while Raavi is fighting with the nurse about taking an injection, Arnav enters the room and the nurse urges Arnav to help her to give Raavi an injection.

Taking Raavi’s hand in his, Arnav tells her that everything will be all right when Raavi expresses that she is scared.

Shiva who was about to enter the room gets angry seeing Raavi and Arnav together and walks away angrily.

Raavi however notices Shiva at the door and runs after him despite being ill.

Meanwhile, Shiva furiously orders the receptionist to check Raavi’s pregnancy report to see how long Raavi is pregnant.

The receptionist informs Shiva that Raavi has gotten an abortion which shakes Shiva.

Feeling rage, Shiva growls in anger and runs away from there.

Meanwhile, at Pandya house, Dhara informs Suman that Raavi is not pregnant to which Suman reminds her about the pregnancy kit.

Suman further tells Dhara that Shweta has told everyone about Raavi’s pregnancy.

Dhara informs everyone about the discovery at the hospital and informs them about Raavi’s fibroid removal surgery.

Dhara even clarifies that Raavi was in pain so she took Raavi to the hospital in a hurry and forgot her phone at the home.

On the other hand, Raavi pleads with Shiva to stop from a distance but Shiva drives away.

Raavi then falls to the ground feeling dizzy and Arnav offers to help her but Raavi turns down the offer by announcing that it is a family matter.

Back home, everyone decides to pay a visit to Raavi in the hospital when they hear a smashing sound and finds angry Shiva breaking things ruthlessly.

Dhara tries to scold Shiva but Shiva orders Dhara to stay away in a rude manner much to everyone’s shock.

Seeing Shiva’s angry behavior toward Dhara, Gautam slaps Shiva hard while Shweta is enjoying the drama from a distance with a smug smile on her face.

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