Pandya Store 16th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 16th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 16th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 16th February 2023 episode starts with Shesh telling Dev that he is going away because he is feeling hot.

On the other hand, in Dhara’s room, Chiku also complains about the heat, making Gomby hide his alcohol bottle.

As Chiku urges Dhara to sleep outside, Dhara wipes off her tears and takes Chiku’s hand to go out.

Afterward, one by one all the Pandya's spread mattresses in the hall without talking to each other.

Looking around at everyone, Dhara feels upset because the whole family lives in the house like strangers.

At the same time, Shesh and Mithu both complain to their moms about being hungry while Dhara urges Chiku to fall asleep.

In the meantime, Suman and Natasha also come out of Suman’s room to sleep in the hall due to a power cut.

Natasha tells Suman that she wants to sleep on the swing and Suman agrees.

Finding Chiku sleeping next to Dhara, a strange expression appears on Suman’s face but she then closes her eyes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Shesh wakes up from his sleep as Rishita and Dev drift back to sleep whereas Mithu also wakes up.

Shesh and Mithu both then drag Chiku away to find something in the kitchen to eat as they cannot fall asleep on empty stomachs.

Dhara gets happy seeing this as now the kids will not sleep hungrily and even thank god since Rishita and Raavi are asleep.

As the kids pass Rishita, she smiles stating that now, Shesh will eat something and even feels guilty for dragging the kids into the argument.

Meanwhile, Raavi pretends to sleep as the kids pass her and gets happy as now Mithu will not be hungry for long.

However, Shweta enters the kitchen through the window when the door suddenly opens and the kids enter.

She quickly hides behind the fridge while the kids continue to search the kitchen for good food.

When the kids open the fridge, they get surprised to find Shweta but before they can scream, Shweta puts her hands on their mouths.

Shweta then lies that she is here to surprise Natasha and take her home which makes Shesh very happy since Natasha has irritated him the most.

The kids one by one introduce themselves just like Shweta asks and Shweta promises to give them ice cream if they help her to run away with Natasha.

When Chiku introduces himself, a few tears fall from Shweta’s eyes as her whole life after Chiku’s birth flashes before her eyes.

When Shweta again bribes the kids for ice cream, they agree to help her.

Afterward, Shweta and the kids bring Natasha to the kitchen without anyone's notice and Shweta makes Natasha jump out the window.

As Shweta is about to jump, Chiuku grabs her hand, stating that they will also come because they think Shweta will cheat them.

Shweta runs away from there after promising to return with a ton of ice cream but a plate falls to the floor during this.

Hearing the sound, everyone wakes up in the house and Suman get surprised to see Natasha missing.

Inside the kitchen, the kids lie to their moms about not owning anything and when Rishita goes out in search of Natasha, Shweta, and Natasha hides under a blanket.

Rishita returns to Pandya house after not finding Natasha and Dhara proposes to call the police.

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