Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 16th May 2023 episode starts with Shweta yelling that her husband Krish has run away with Prerna so now, she is going to complain at a police station.

Hearing this, Suman looks at Shweta with wide eyes, announcing that nothing like this has happened while Shweta runs to the entrance gate.

However, Shweta comes to a stop as she finds Dhara entering the Pandya house with Prerna and Krish following her.

Shweta pulls Dhara in for a hug as soon as Dhara crosses the threshold which shocks Dhara who asks Shweta why she is being clingy all of a sudden.

At the same time, Krish and Prerna enter the Pandya house, looking like scared mice and Shivank thinks to himself that he needs to win Prerna over.

After Prerna, Krish, and Shivank walk away, Raavi informs Dhara about Shiva wanting to get married to someone new.

She says that he is distributing his photo in marriage offices, making Dhara shocked.

Dhara announces in frustration that her family keeps getting stuck in the mud as the dramas are not ending anytime soon while Raavi threatens to kill herself if Dhara does not stop Shiva from getting married again.

Raavi pleads with Dhara to knock some sense into Shiva in a little rude voice when Dhara questions Raavi about how this problem is linked to her.

Dhara promises Raavi that she will not let Shiva marry someone else but Raavi needs to calm down.

Meanwhile, the marriage office person shows Arushi Shiva's picture and Arushi agrees to meet Shiva, thinking she will make her mom realize that all the small-town men are stupid.

She calls Shiva to let him know that she will meet him in a coffee shop which makes Shiva super happy so he tells Pandya Store that he is going to bring Pandya Store's sauten (another woman).

Looking at Pandya Store, Shiva cannot believe that he is married to it since he has always seen the Pandya Store as his mother but will divorce Pandya Store very soon.

He gets into an auto when he finds Dhara approaching him so Dhara also gets into the auto to follow him.

Afterward, when Shiva arrives at the coffee shop, Arushi's mother reveals to Arushi that this is Dhara's brother-in-law and Arushi gets happy to hear that.

Arushi replies that earlier she did not want to get married to this donkey but now, she will definitely get married to him now which does not sit right with her mother.

She then takes Shiva and her mom to their reserved table to talk so that when Dhara arrives at the cafe, she does not find anyone.

On the other hand, in Pandya's house, Raavi is sobbing in her room, recalling her memories with Shiva when Shivank enters the room.

He tries to instigate Raavi against Dhara by saying that Dhara will always choose her brother-in-law over her.

Raavi just listens to it quietly without uttering any words and Shivank leaves the room with a smug smile on his face.

Later, as Dhara arrives at the Pandya house, she finds Shweta standing on a stool and yells at Shweta for being ignorant.

However, Shweta shuts Dhara, reminding her that she does not know anything about marriage.

Raavi arrives in the room just then and Shweta promises Raavi that she will not let Shiva get married again.

On the other hand, Arushi informs Shiva that they need to meet 3-4 times to know each other completely.

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