Pandya Store 17th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 17th December 2023 episode starts with Natasha taking an auto but Dhawal comes and stops leading her to take a lift from someone else.

Dhawal follows her all the way while the man asks Natasha to get up from his bike and go on her own.

After that, he gives a signal to Dhawal while Natasha gets angry with him and walks the remaining distance.

Meanwhile, Dhawal’s friend asks him why he changed his status to single on social media.

Just then, Natasha comes there and tells them that they have been separated and his friends get happy after hearing them.

Dhawal taunts her if there isn’t any love between them and they marry while Suman tells Cheeku that she will bring the best Rishta for Natasha and win the challenge from Amba.

After that, Dhawal’s friend makes a plan to go on a trip when Dhawal asks his friends if he can join while Natasha says that she will also come and writes her name on it.

By mistake, the ink of the pen gets spilt by Natasha on Dhawal’s face and his friends tease him when he goes and applies that ink on Natasha’s face and says that both should suffer.

Meanwhile, Amba asks Amresh if Dhawal will not create any problems after knowing about Mr Arvind’s daughter when Amresh says that he will manage things.

Hetal tells Pranali that she can see love for Natasha in Dhawal’s eye while Suman asks Natasha to choose from the rishtas that they have bought for her.

Natasha refuses and says that she does not want to marry anyone when Suman tells her that Dhawal is going to marry someone else which surprises Natasha.

Cheeku asks her to move on in life as Dhawal does not care for her while Arvind ji comes to Amresh’s house and gives a proposal to Amresh that he wants Isha’s Rishta for his son Rohan.

Amba and Amresh agree with him, but Isha feels bad and goes from there while Natasha tells Suman that she has given all her loyalty to her marriage and now she cannot think of another marriage.

Meanwhile, Dhawal and Suhani come simultaneously when Dhawal turns around and stares at her continuously while everyone gets happy to see her.

Suhani comes and greets Dhawal while Natasha tells Suman that she is an orphan and has so many health-related issues so who would have married her?

Cheeku explains to her that they married her for the Pandya store so she should not think bad of her and he asks why they returned the Pandya store.

Natasha says that they might have thought that she was a problem for their family that’s why they would have returned while Arvind tells Dhawal that he wants him to marry Suhani.

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