Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 17th March 2023 episode starts Chiku, Shesh and Natasha running away in the opposite direction, not before throwing marbles in the creepy woman’s direction, making her tumble down.

On the other hand, Prerna, Rishita and Dev desperately search for the kids, asking the people on the streets if they have seen a group of kids going somewhere.

Dev silently “borrows” a cycle standing in front of a store and takes Rishita and Prerna along with him, continuing their search.

In the hospital, Dhara asks Gautam to file a police complaint to find the kids when Suman advises them all to go find the kids nearby.

However, Raavi and Dhara stay in the hospital, not wanting to leave Shiva in his critical condition.

Meanwhile, Shweta unsteadily walks in the streets, searching for her beloved Krish, finding an empty water gun while at it.

She sighs, thinking that her life is also similarly empty.

The kids, in their desperation, run into a Christian cemetery and hide there.

The creepy woman, along with her male companion stares at the graveyard, hesitating to go inside.

The funny noises made by the kids further scare both of them away from the graveyard.

Chiku, Mithu, Shesh, and Natasha are unaware that they are inside a graveyard but are happy that the creepy woman is not following them now. 

Rishita, Prerna, and Dev reach a bakery and ask the owner if he has seen the kids, showing the photos.

The man grumpily agrees, saying that the kids have fooled him by paying him with dummy notes.

Rishita, in her happiness, hugs the owner and asks where have gone after coming to his bakery.

They pay him the price of the pastries eaten by the kids and he happily tells them that he has seen them running toward the graveyard.

The adults are alarmed, thinking that the kids must be scared at the graveyard.

In the graveyard, the kids are just about to move when they see a superhero running in their direction.

They are not able to believe their eyes, rubbing them to make sure what they are seeing is true.

Behind the superhero, a man with tall legs and a dreadful demeanor also follows him.

The kids get scared seeing the man and run behind the superhero, calling him out to save them.

The superhero jumps into a pit and hides himself using the dried palm leaves lying there and also carries the kids down when he sees them calling out for his help.

The man with tall legs arrives near the pit, suspiciously staring at it.

The superhero whispers to the kids to close their eyes if they wish to be saved, to which the kids obey.

The superhero observes the movements of the tall man, who tries putting his leg inside the pit to check if someone is hiding there.

Superhero quickly holds a block just where his foot is about to touch, blocking it from coming inside the pit and touching anyone.

The tall man thinks that the pit has a solid foundation and leaves the place.

The kids and the superhero are relieved and come out of the pit.

Superhero tells them that he is on duty and will definitely save them.

He runs out of the graveyard and the kids too follow him, trusting his action.

Gautam and Krish try finding the kids in the graveyard as per the instructions of Rishita but find no one there except a drunk man.

However, Krish notices the small footprints on the wet soil and is sure that the kids have come to the place.

In the hospital, Dhara tries calling Gautam in vain and is frustrated while Raavi is in agony thinking that both her husband and her child are in danger.

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