Pandya Store 17th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 17th May 2023 episode starts with Raavi telling Shweta worriedly that she is pregnant and needs love and care.

However, Shweta finds it fishy and asks Raavi if she genuinely cares for her, but reminding her that Pandya's family thinks that she betrayed them.

Since Raavi replies that Shweta has already betrayed them, now they need to understand each other.

Raavi tells her that if different animals can co-exist in the zoo, they can also try to survive together.

In the meantime, Krish enters Prerna's room and closes the room while Prerna asks him if he has talked with Dhara.

Krish comforts Prerna by saying that they will be together and hugs her.

As Shivank enters Prerna's room while calling her name, Prerna hides Krish in the wardrobe.

Shivank tells Prerna that he has come to invite her for dinner while Prerna replies that she is not hungry and tries to get rid of Shivak.

However, Shivank sticks to Prerna by offering her a dessert box and asks about the blank expressions on her face.

Elsewhere, Dhara gets annoyed and tells Shiva that he can't get married which makes Shiva confused.

Just then, Gomby enters the room and Dhara asks Gomby to convince Shiva.

Gomby hugs Shiva by saying that Shiva is already married to Pandya Store and can't get married again.

Shiva gets irate and leaves thereby announcing that he will find a co-wife for Pandya's store.

Soon after that, Gomby gifts Dhara a chain and wishes her a happy birthday, but Dhara gets angry by saying that she doesn't like to celebrate her birthday and hate gifts.

In the meantime, Prerna tells Shivank that she is not pregnant while taking him to the corner of the room, so Krish can't hear their conversation.

On the other hand, Krish partially opens the door and tries to hear the conversation.

Soon after that, Prerna makes Shivank leave her room, and Krish gets out of the wardrobe by saying that he can knock down Shivank for getting frank with Prerna.

Meanwhile, Dhara worriedly tells Gomby that she thinks that Shweta is not pregnant while Gomby caresses her face and tells her to stop thinking about other family members for some time.

Since Gomby asks Dhara to keep the chain as a regular gift, Dhara takes it and hugs Gomby while saying that some wounds are so deep that they can never heal.

Later, Rishita gets excited by announcing that it's Dhara's birthday today and they should celebrate however, Gomby and Shivank tell her that Dhara doesn't like to celebrate the birthday.

Rishita tells them that they should try to make her happy by making her forget all her bad memories related to her birthday.

Gomby agrees with Rishita and announces that they will arrange a surprise party for Dhara, Shiva, and Raavi also get cheerful as the kids start having fun while cheering for the party.

On the other side, Chiku also gets to know about Dhara's birthday and soon after that, Chiku enters Dhara's room with a handmade greeting card and chocolates.

He keeps them on the bed and leaves the room.

However, as soon as Dhara notices Chiku leaving the room, she runs after him but fails to reach him.

Dhara opens the greeting card while crying and suddenly, bursts into tears while hugging the card.

Later, Dhara goes to the temple and prays to god while saying that her mother left her on her birthday to leave with the blame as 'the killer's daughter'.

However, Dhara is unaware of Arushi, standing next to her and hearing her words as Dhara says that she hates her mother.

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