Pandya Store 17th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 17th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 17th September 2023 episode starts with Bhavin asking Pranali to introduce him to her sir but she shows eyes to him after which he talks with her boss saying that he is her husband.

After that Pranali goes from there in anger and on the other hand, Amba gives a list of things to Hetal to bring that are required in pooja.

Suddenly, Natasha comes there and says that she wants to go to Pandya Store to help Suman but Amba does not allow her.

Amba says that Natasha is recently married so after completion of all the rituals only she can go out of the house.

Dhawal comes and says that he is going for group studies but Natasha makes a weird face and murmurs that he is lying so that Amba can give her permission to him for going out.

Amba allows him and asks Natasha and Dolly to join Hetal for shopping so all three of them go out to buy the things.

Natasha asks Hetal why Pranali doesn't go on the job while Hetal becomes worried.

She lies to Natasha that they will join after Natasha and after Dolly completely settles in the house, otherwise all the responsibility will come on both of their shoulders.

Dolly gets tense and says that she is too young to handle responsibilities and also adds that at this point she wants to focus on making content only.

On the other hand, Mithu collides with a bike and all the medicine falls from his hand on the road.

He argues with that person and asks him to give him money for the medicines but that man does not agree with him so they both start fighting.

Cheeku comes there and tries to protect Mithu but Mithu asks him who gave him this right to defend him and while also recalling his childhood.

Mithu gets emotional and says that he has given this right to Cheeku only till then that mangoes from there.

Cheeky scolds him for arguing so Mithu leaves that place and as he reaches home he tells everything to Suman.

She advises him to stay away from Cheeku and on the other side, Dolly starts shooting the content.

She sees that Pranali and Bhavin are fighting on the road and Hetal also notices it so she takes Natasha and Dolly back to the house.

Meanwhile, Bhavin pushes Pranali from the stairs and she falls while her head heavily bleeds and Amba also notices that.

Amba comes and scolds him, asking him to call the doctor as early as possible while he hides Pranali in his room.

Natasha suddenly comes there so Amba gets nervous and gives her permission to go to Pandya's house for some days so Natasha becomes happy.

She calls Suman and tells her that Amba gave her permission to come back while Suman gets overwhelmed after hearing this.

On the other hand, Amresh is on the call with an agent and discusses the destruction of the Pandya Store as soon as possible.

He observes Natasha coming to him so he becomes anxious and tries to change the topic swiftly.

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